Market Recap with Jim Arvanitakis - Principal of Eview Real Estate Partners

Which areas do you service?

The South East Corridor from Cranbourne out to Officer

How are you currently finding the market in your area?

The region we cover is a growth corridor with a good mix of first & second home buyers and investors. The market is still very active both in sales and lets with sound infrastructure like 17 schools, 6 shopping centres multiple access points to the Monash with a variety of open spaces for families to enjoy the outdoors…this makes the South East a popular destination.

 How did your team perform over this weekend?

We average 25 sales every month been the last week of the year we anticipate a slowdown.

Do you think your specific market is a representation of the national market or do you think your market is performing differently to the national average?

I think the market is the market and interest rates, job security and the national trends all have a bearing on market sentiment … we have lots to offers buyers but we are not in isolation from what happens in the rest of Australia.

What do you anticipate for 2015?

I see continued growth out from Officer to Pakenham. Land sales are steady at an average of $500 per square meter and house and land packages from $360,000.

What is the one suggestion you would give to prospective investors who are looking at investing in 2015?

Look for growth… 2 ways to profit from investing in real-estate

1. Rental return and Capital growth

2. Have a 10 year plan.


About Jim:

Jim Arvanitakis has been your local real estate agent for over 17 years. His expertise and knowledge from concluding over 1000 sales to date is second to none. 

About Eview Narre Warren:

Our centrally located office just off the Princes Highway in Narre Warren and services our large sales and rental team with plenty of customer parking.