How and why to develop an online profile

Your online presence is becoming the number one most important element for agents in today’s market. With the weightings of reviews and opinions now more available and valued more than ever, ensuring that you do the best you can to develop an online profile is essential to make sure you give yourself your best chance as an agent. These are the suggested tips in developing your online profile.

1. Be direct: It is important for agents when making your online profile that they get to the point, and be quick! Consumers will spend very little time on each agent profile unless they are captivated. Ensure that you state the most important elements of your services in your ‘About me’ section and don’t ramble.

2. Show interaction through conversation: As an agent you are measured by your engagement. Making sure you write reviews, post and answer questions, and partake in discussions is essential to show you are connected to your market. By doing this you will show you understand the locals and can be trusted as an expert when a consumer calls upon your expertise.

3. All markets are developing the skills to ‘buy’ online: When you present yourself as an agent you are offering the opportunity for consumers to engage your services. Last year the monthly spend online increased drastically. In the 50-64 year old catagory, they increased their expenditure by over 64%. This increase has progressed so realestate purchasing so ensuring you are engaged in the market is essential.

As the market moves and connectedness increases it will become more essential to have a strong online profile. A strong online profile will encourage engagement, show your expertise and help you demonstrate skills. To get your profile click here and start connecting to consumers.