How to market your property effectively online

Online marketing for real estate listings should be considered one of, if not the most important marketing strategy for agents when bringing their properties to market. Ensuring that their listings are well positioned and structured is essential to ensure coverage of the market. Here are some tips on how to market effectively online.

1. Understand cross-channel requirements: Marketing effectively online requires you to look at all channels. Do you go direct, do you go broad and which tools should you use?

It is important to first analyse your market, where are they and how will they consume your content. If they are an older demographic, marketing to them on tools such as twitter may not be effective.

2. Consider engagement: Just because you have a listing online, and you plaster it on facebook it isn’t going to guarantee a sale. The fundamental requirement for online marketing should be to develop engagement, using online videos and generating conversations about the listing are going to be much more valuable than doing ‘everything’ you can online. Focus on your market and how you can engage, as ten engaged consumers is better than fifty disengaged viewers.

3. Use tools out there that will assist the listing: Whilst you can undertake the standard online marketing techniques to get listings displayed you may need assistance from other tools. Look at tools such as an integrated mortgage calculator and integration to the agent profile that is listing the property will help immensely.

4. Focus on developing your personal brand: The online marketplace can be one where people showcase items and forget to attach their personal guarantee to it. A key to selling online is that consumers will buy from people they trust. Therefore developing your agent profile on platforms like and showcasing your engagement with other consumers will help you demonstrate your knowledge on local areas. By doing this, you drive engagement and ensure you are seen as a reputable agent. is assiting agents in their online marketing by keeping their focus centric to engagement between agents and consumers. With the removal of third party advertising, Homely’s main focus is on ensuring that the display of their property listings remains focused on offering the best experience for the consumer and the agent. Homely’s offering of ‘Pro’ upgrades allows agents to engage in conversations that consumers generate as well as post their own topics for discussion. This generates relationships and builds more qualified leads.  

Real estate agents can submit their listings for free and find out about going ‘Pro’ here