Tips to provide to young buyers

When marketing a property to young buyers ensuring you use the right approach is essential. Young people in particular are likely to have trouble determining how to go about getting what they need, since they don’t have as much experience with house hunting and buying houses. As a trusted agent, you should look at providing these tips. 

Location considerations: Younger buyers with small children, or those who plan to have families, should look for a few things in particular. As an agent, encourage them to look at the big picture. Having done your research about local schools, and amenities to inform them about is essential. Mentioning the local parks and other appropriate entertainment, convenient shopping (even more important with kids in tow), and other young families in the neighbourhood—not only is this a sign of a child-friendly area, it means your own children will have potential playmates nearby.

Make charts: Provide templates which break down consumer priorities. At an OFI if you can visually breakdown lists of their priorities, and all the things they want and need, it will help spell out what is the most important priorities in your search. Keeping written descriptions of each house, will mean when you see a consumer you can focus on the strengths and weaknesses instantly. 

Encourage buyers to look past cosmetic difficulties: Paint colour is common problem people find when touring houses that isn’t actually a problem. It may be a hassle to change, but really isn’t that difficult. Sell consumers on possibilities and the fact they can add value rather than for how it currently it is. 

Young buyers will be inexperienced when it comes to property searching. If you can bring them back to the basics, remind them of what to look for in a property, and explain the upside and process from beginning to end, you will build trust and become a sort after agent.