What do savvy agents do for success?

Real estate has changed as much as any other industry in the last decade. The traditional sales process from searching the newspaper, submitting a listing and waiting for a response is now well and truly over. It is now more essential than ever that agents are connected digitally so they are always connected to their market. Here's what savvy agents do.

1. They Integrate their digital profile: Too many agents are confused about what social channels should be used for personal use and which ones should be used for business. Integrating a specific twitter account and facebook account to display listings and provide market updates is essential. People are coming to you for expertise so you should know your stuff.

2. They don't just focus on lead generation and their listings: It is an all too familiar mistake where agents just focus on trying to get as much exposure for their listings. It is more important you share interesting content about the market, engage with consumers and actually find out what they are looking for. If you have a built up audience that are looking to rent for $250-$300 a week but you are trying to sell $4 million dollar homes you will never create transactions. Successful agents understand their audience and create conversations. 

3. The manage their time and use the appropriate tools to help: Time management could be the difference between an average and a good agent, and if you're a good agent it could be the difference to becoming a great agent.  Using tools such as Evernote, Remember the Milk, Focus Booster and others can ensure that you stay on target and don't procrastinate. 

Below is a list of 6 apps agents use to be successful. 

1. Evernote

2. Focus Booster

3. Remember the Milk

4. DropBox

5. Google Drive

6. Any.do