When should agents look to get houses on to the market.

As an agent, you have the responsibility to ensure that you list your properties at the most appropriate time to your target market. Ensuring that you get the listing up at the right time is essential as it will make sure you get the right exposure for the house and generate as much exposure as you possibly can.

Here is a breakdown of which season is best:

Summer: Summer is a good option if your property has a large outdoor area and it is one of the assets. The drawbacks with selling in summer is that a lot of people are away, but depending on the location of your home you can use this to your advantage. If your home is for sale in a holiday destination, listing it in summer can increase its exposure and attract holiday visitors who may look at it as an alternative holiday solution. 

Autumn: Autumn can be a good time to sell as the market generally picks up in early March. By selling in Autumn you avoid people being away for holidays, and it is generally one of 2 the busiest quarters of the year. 

Winter: Winter does see a slow down, you need to weigh up your house and see how it compares. If the house has a lot of assets and is a great property, listings in winter may not do it justice as generally people are not as active and you can't point out the qualities compared to other listings on the market. With winter however, if your house is not in the best shape, it can be a good time to sell so you can prepare to move in spring. 

Spring: Spring is by far the busiest time of the year for selling, the combination of warmer weather whilst people are still working means that plenty of people are out for inspections. Sellers like to sell at this time as their house looks its best and buyers like to buy because they can generally settle before christmas, a combination of strong supply and demand. 

Each house is unique, but use these suggestions when explaining to vendors when to bring a property to market and why.