3 Tips to convert standard leads in to definite sales


Today we want to provide 3 tips for agents to convert those somewhat relevant leads in to definite sales. We have combined the best tips from our expert agent, Rocky Bartolotto to help agents that are wanting to ensure they close leads and get the most out of them.

Tip 1: Response time is just as important as the response.

Agents need to respond quickly, there is just no two ways about it. The human thought process now is one of instant gratification, people hate waiting. The first step is to show your consumer that you are there, and willing to assist. By being there for the consumer and showing you want to help you build rapport. This in the long run will help you build trust and become the only agent they consider. Lazy response times, and responses such as I'm very busy, I'll get back to you are responses set for disaster. A quick tip is to set up a CRM where you auto email responses back to consumers, these should be personalised such as 

Dear Tom,

Thanks for submitting a question. I will personally ensure I get back to you within 24 hours, my personal mobile is included at the bottom in case you require any assistance before then. 

Doing this will help you build trust. 

Tip 2: Follow your responses through.

It is all to easy to have a system where you respond to consumers, ask them to call you, and if you don't hear anything they drop off the radar. You need to categorise responses from receiving their enquiry, first contact, understanding their requirements and fulfilling them. You need to be aware as well that many consumers may sit in each category for weeks before moving forward.  Some consumers may enquire about a listing and then do nothing about that particular property, you can in this case either drill down on what their requirements are, or continue to float prospective similar properties to them until they give you further depth about what they are looking for. 

it is important that at the end of each period, in which some agents like to manage quarterly, you have followed your leads through and can definitively categorise them by the end of the quarter. 

Tip 3: Drive towards a goal.

You need to remember that every person on your database is valuable. An amateur agent will look at a lead and say well if I can't generate a sale off them, they are not worth persisting with. That couldn't be further from the truth and will cost you dearly. You need to look at every lead as a connection, if you are persistent (but not pushy) and continuously enquire about their needs it will pay off. The reason being, that people recommend good service, and if someone they know is either in the market to buy or sell, they will most likely recommend the agent that has been persistent with them from the outset. Therefore you may make your money off a totally different customer from the one you put time in with. 

About Rocky Bartolotto:

Rocky (1).jpg

Rocky Bartolotto is the National Sales Director for Homely.com.au - Rocky's extensive experience in introducing new product offerings to the market and client management abilities makes him one of the most knowledgeable property specialists in the country. 

In addition to his time working in the online space, Bartolotto is also one of Sydney’s top auctioneers, with over 4000 auctions performed through his business Auction Services.