Why do some agents sell more than others?

A common question agents starting out in their career ask is, Why do some agents sell more than others? And what tricks do they use to continue to sell?

Today we wanted to discuss some of the tips that leading agents undertake in order to sell better and quicker. These tips are assisted and strong pieces of advice from leading real estate agent, and National Sales Director of Homely.com.au - Rocky Bartolotto


1. Direct and firm pricing figures: One of the easiest ways to shoot your reputation down and make yourself struggle to sell properties is by misleading prospective buyers about the price. There is nothing worse when clients are quoted between $650,000-$680,000 only to find out the house is not on the market at $720,000 -

Tip 1: Be firm in your pricing, know what your vendor will sell for and quote that at the top end. 



2. Some agents take more pride than others: Nothing frustrates me more than when agents say "This listing is only worth $10,000 in commission, and if it sells it sells" this attitude is a strong reason way people fail. The hungry agents know that every listing counts, and they make the small commissions add up. They also don't look at every sale as being exclusive, rather that the person who buys may need to sell, and therefore there is another lead. Whether it means spending $500 on staging the house or changing the interior. All of these little things add up.

Tip 2: Never slack off on a sale because of the value.  You never know what you will get from it in the long run.


3. IMC = Success: IMC may sound like a buzz word that was created for one of these silicon valley start ups. But the truth behind it is very important. IMC stands for Integrated Marketing Communications. What this means is that your message needs to be integrated across multi platforms and speak in the same manner across these channels. The channel you pick has to entail the appropriate message. If you are putting a listing on facebook, the message needs to speak to the target market there, and if you are listing in the prestige papers such as the Melbourne Weekly you must go with high end, and clean displays. 

Tip 3: Always make sure your message is consistent across platforms. However make sure that the message speaks to that particular audience and doesn't alienate them. 


About Rocky Bartolotto:



Rocky Bartolotto is the National Sales Director for Homely.com.au - Rocky's extensive experience in introducing new product offerings to the market and client management abilities makes him one of the most knowledgeable property specialists in the country. 

In addition to his time working in the online space, Bartolotto is also one of Sydney’s top auctioneers, with over 4000 auctions performed through his business Auction Services.

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