Agent tips for lead generation

After speaking with hundreds of agents and talking through the offerings of Homely, we have put together a blog on how the best real estate agents generate leads and also how this ties in with what they can do with Homely. Read the best suggestions below.

1. Make sure you undertake your follow up calls:

Making sure you follow up is essential for so many reasons. By following up you show that you take the potential customer seriously, but secondly you also work on building brand reputation. By following up you demonstrate you care and you aren't after consumers just to give you a quick buck. 

In fact persistence could be the most underrated tool to generating leads

"Colonel Sanders went to more than 1,000 places trying to sell his chicken recipe before he found an interested buyer. The fact that we can buy Kentucky Fried Chicken today attests to his perseverance, whilst Thomas Edison tried almost 10,000 times before he succeeded in creating the electric light." 

You must be willing to persist to get leads.

Persist and explain in order to build trust. Lead generation takes time. 

Persist and explain in order to build trust. Lead generation takes time. 

2. Take interest and point out things that may be of interest to the consumer:

It's all too easy to try and ram a property down what you believe is a prospective buyer, however this usually comes across harsh and in bad taste. Your sales technique needs to begin well before you meet anyone. It begins with your reputation. Before people meet you, if they know you are the local expert in a region, you have already established yourself as trustworthy. Build your local expert profile and answer questions from consumers genuinely. After you have done that, start engaging with consumers about them. 

Some of the best pieces of advice to success on a larger scale was passed on when I was a young child. This was: 

1. Be Impeccable with your word

2. Don't take anything personally

3. Don't make assumptions

4. Always do your best. 


3.  Don't underestimate the power of reviews:

Consumers these days have been trained in order to undertake a value proposition before buying. They want to know other consumers experiences before going through with the purchase. Think about the last time you asked someone when they flew a low budget airline, you wanted to know if the service was still alright, and what you would miss out on by not paying to go with a premium carrier. The same is with you as an agent, consumers are all the time looking for information on you and how your services offer compared to others. Make sure you build up your reviews. Ask consumers to review you at every point, you can in face generate multiple reviews throughout a process with a consumer. This validates and encourages prospects you don't even know are out there that are looking for you.  

To kick start your lead generation, make yourself contactable and start building your online profile here