How to target your emails and increase consumer clickthrough

Emails are a great tool, and there is no question you are using this in order to both generate leads and stay in touch with your potential buyers. However, have you thought about what you can do in order to generate further leads and increase your conversion? Here are some strategies to increase your click through and conversion.


1. Generate lists in your email that save time.

Having items that are displayed that generate a quick call to action for consumers will increase your conversion drastically. People are time poor, so have a numbered or bullet pointed format to increase traction. Consumers are more likely to read:

5 new homes that are suited to your selected suburbs over Here are some homes that may be of interest.


2. Have an engaging subject line that is interesting.

Subject lines are essential to generate interaction. If you consumer doesn't get past the subject line they won't read your email. A strong and engaging call to action is essential. Having them personalised and relative can increase click-through. Sample subject lines such as:

"Michael, your home has been revalued - find out about your new valuation"


3. Send it at the right time.

You could have the best content in the world, and a service that people want to buy, however if they don’t see it they won’t be able to open it. Sending emails at the right time will increase conversion and action on the CTA. Sending emails when consumers are free from work, and depending on what you want to offer can be well catered. If you are wanting to generate more listings, sending a message on a Saturday about how strong the market is and what their property could be potentially worth may generate action.


4. Give them something they want.

With emails becoming overwhelming and flooding peoples inbox, make the consumer want your content. In order to do that, it is essential they feel like they are getting something from what you are offering. This can include a voucher, a private market update, or a free evaluation all for taking a course of action you want. By giving them something they want, they are more inclined to engage. Sample emails can be:

“Find out what your home is worth… for free”

“Our local experts want to discuss what your property could be worth to keep you updated”

“We have a great property that is not yet on the market you may be interested, see it before anyone else”