Tech Tips to increase your offerings as an agent

Technology needs to be embraced. Today we are highlighting 7 tips on how you can be a connected agent and use technology offerings out there to improve how you service clients. 


1. Always be connected: It is essential that you don't let technology get in the way of what you are trying to do. Your phone can be your greatest asset, however if the battery dies, in which a lot of lithium ion batteries on smart phones do, you can be disadvantaged. You need to be prepared to keep your phone going throughout the day, using a Anker Mini charger can fix it, adding extended power to your phone when you're on the go.


2. Make technology carry your keys: eKEY is a solution that your smart phone can use to make managing vendor keys easier. Once you have downloaded the app, put an adapter on. With eKEY, you can use the tool to manage how carry keys and simplify your opening of vendors doors!


3. Integrate all of your content in to the cloud: It's amazing how many agents we speak to that still have content all over the place. They save documents to desktops, can't access S32's unless they bring them, are scared of iPads, you get the point. However cloud integration does make that all easier and its free! Using Google Drive you can integrate the offerings of Microsoft word, without needing to save it to a computer. All you need is a Gmail account. This way you can share documents and notes with team members in which any of them can edit and amend at any point. This saves time and is a great way to get content out. This will prevent you having to email documents to yourself, and increase the content to be available on all of your smart devices, even available for viewing offline to prevent the use of internet.


4. Use Apps! 

Apps can be your best friend if they are used properly. We have compiled a list of apps that have been serving agents in stream lining their process. A phone doesn't have to be just a tool for calls and texts, it can make your life easier. Here are some tips

  • Podkicker Pro for podcasts - This app allows you to listen to podcasts on the go. A great way to stay engaged is with podcasts, and this app will help you manage that.


  • Docusign for electronic signatures- Don't carry pens around, they lack the ability to create a cloud version of your document and for you to access it anywhere. Having electronic signatures fixes that issue. 


  • Hootsuite- Thought of something great to tweet but just tweeted? Scheduling content is essential to keep engaged with your target market. Schedule content for when they want to read it, not when you want to send it. 


  • HDR Camera+ - Having a good camera and apps to overlay filters can work wonders. Whilst you can replace the professionally photography that is on offer, having an app that allows you to take high res photos and generate HD images can mean what images you take can increase your display to consumers when tweeting and sharing content. 


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