What should your vendors do before you take charge

Half of the battle for agents is the display of what you are trying to sell. We hear all to often that listings that look beautiful attract more interest and engagement from consumers. But how do you get your vendors to prepare their homes? Here is a checklist to give them before you start advertising. 

1. Eliminate clutter: Buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in this house, this can be hard if they see too many of your own photos and mementos sitting around.

2. Make minor repairs: Any problems with the little details, like trim that needs to be repainted, can lead people to worry that the house hasn’t been taken care of and there might be worse problems they haven’t found yet. Suggest to your vendors to head to Bunning's and bring their painter, touch ups do wonders. 

3. Check for surprises: Get a builder to evaluate and inspect before they list their property. Potential buyers might want to have an inspection done when they make an offer, so it’s a good idea to have your own inspection beforehand to make sure you know what they’re going to find. This will give you a chance to fix anything that might turn up before you have to worry about a potential buyer being turned off. This can also mean that the vendors can advertise further appeal if there is potential for design changes. 

4. Establish in clear writing, on the wall a reserve price: This is essential, before your vendors start pushing for more money, which they commonly will do, you need to establish a price they will accept. By doing this, you prevent a listing falling over at the last hurdle. Look at comparable homes in the area, and consider the more objective factors, like size and number of bedrooms, and consider the professionally appraised value. Remember that buyers have access to the same information.

Keep getting attention: After the first few weeks, attention from new potential buyers tends to drop off quickly. Suggest this to your vendors a few weeks in to the campaign

1. Adding in further listing photos.

2. Alternate the photos as people are very much imagery based.

3. Get an alternative opinion from another local agent.

It can never hurt getting opinions. Chances are you will know an agent that you didn't engage to sell your property that will know about your area. Ask them for a casual visit and their opinion, make it clear you want their expertise. Ask what they think the value is, how they should prepare it for market and their general market consensus. This information can help put what your agent is saying in to perspective. 

Make sure you direct potential clients to the find an agent page here and ensure that you have an established profile.

Although the market has improved for sellers, you’ll still be competing with plenty of others, so it’s important to keep up at least somewhat with what other people are doing, and not just sit back. A little attention can help you sell faster for a better price.