Networking would be the number one most important tool that whilst it may not have a direct correlation on ROI, could be the difference between you making it as an agent or not. Further to that, you need to make sure you are consistant in your networking approaches. Here are some tips in order to make networking that little bit easier.

1. Be Unique

It is important to be yourself when you are trying to build your network. Don’t be someone that you are not, people will understand if you are putting on a facade and you will be caught out. You will gain a better following and more trust if you are loyal and more important, genuine.

2. Hear what people have to say

One of the best quotes ever stated for networking was “We have two ears, one mouth, therefore we should listen twice as much as we speak” People’s number one topics of discussion is themselves. That doesn’t mean listen for the sake of it, but take an interest in others, take notes and follow up with little hints they mentioned. If they said they “One day want to move to a small edwardian” a phone call 6 month later with a nice edwardian may not generate a sale but it will generate rapport as you’ve taken an interest.

3. Find who isn’t speaking

Some of the best sales in the world are the most understated, and unassuming individuals. At a networking event, speaking to a few people who are sitting back and not the centre of the attention can be a great starting point. By speaking with them you are indicating your interest in their personal lives as well as the fact you want to have a genuine conversation and not just be the centre of attention yourself.

4. Start simple

Some of the toughest barriers to making a strong networking community is getting that first conversation started with people who you don’t know. A lot of people fall at this stage and say that if they aren’t approached they won’t speak. The confidence in approaching someone for a conversation is well respected, however having a few key phrases to start the discussion can help. A few simple questions such as these can start a genuine conversation.   

  • What do you do?

  • How long have you been in that industry?

  • What is your take on the market?

As an agent, the best thing about this is that it brings the discussion in to your expertise and realm where you can give a valid opinion. When they ask what you do and you explain you are in Real estate, go on to give an honest market update and ask about their living situation. Also offer for any further advice and a free appraisal to get them using your service.

5. Be interested

It isn’t possible to state this enough. Don’t approach every conversation as if you need to get a lead or a listed property. Just be genuine and have discussions about their passions, you will find you have opinions on their passions as well. Talk about music, sport, and everyday life. This is likely to help you by showing you are relatable and not a big shot agent with an ego the size of an elephant.

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