How leading real estate agents market online

You'll hear it from everyone, you most likely from your grandmother even, that the internet is here and you need to be on it. However most amateur business professionals make a very poor approach when it comes to integrating all of the possible channels. They either try to do too much, don't do enough and if they do get it running their message is not consistent. Here are the main tips for marketing your property online. 

1. Imagery is key:

Human attention span has drastically decreased as the information age has progressed. If we don't see something that captivates our attention we generally move on pretty quickly. Therefore you need to make sure your image looks captivating. Include in your listing images that are not harsh on the eyes, and select times to take photos that expose the best light. Times to do this can be sunrise or dusk.


Images of listings at dusk can help like this one in Mosman. 

Images of listings at dusk can help like this one in Mosman. 

2.  Link your profile and have written expert content:

The first thing consumers will do after visiting the listing is view the agents that are representing the listing. They will to see a few things

  • If you are a PRO agent
  • The reviews of you as an agent
  • Your professionalism in your agent profile photo
Voila_Capture 2014-04-04_10-31-09_am.png

By doing this you have given the property a profile and also given the consumers a direct point of contact to connect with you, helping you for lead generation. 

3. Undertake some basic SEO analysis

SEO may sound scary and it may sound like something that you need to hand off to your marketing team. However you can implement tactics to increase viewing traction. The first tip is to find out which key words generate the most search responses and which will get your listing exposed to consumers. Think about your demographic and what they will search for. If your property is like the one above, using keywords such as Sydney, Luxury and Mosman can be essential to keep your content in front of the eyes of consumers. 

The main idea is to give it a presence that looks smart and professional. By making sure you market your property in a beautiful manner and link your agent profile, you give yourself the best opportunity in generating traction for the listing.

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The Property displayed above is able to be viewed here 


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