How to Prepare a Property for sale- Tips from the experts

Deciding to sell your property is just the first decision of many that you will need to undertake in what can be a three month campaign or possibly even longer. The process to prepare a house and have it in its best condition for display is one that if done properly, can add thousands or tens of thousands to your listings for sale. However it is not easy. Here are the key tips required in order to prepare a home for sale. 

1. Nothing needs removal more than clutter: It can't be understated, in fact this point needs to be bolded because of its sheer important. Clutter is one of the primary reasons houses don't sell, put simply because other people can't imagine themselves living there. When people look at property to buy, they main thing they are looking for is, could they live there. If there is too much mess, junk or prevention in the display to show the houses natural attributes and how you can make it your own you will lose a lot of potential buyers.

2. Show the house for the consumers who may buy it: Second to the clutter is the ability to show the house in the right way. Whilst most people think that this means showing the house as it is, you need to keep in your mind the person that may buy it, the end consumer. Whilst you may have used rooms for alternative spaces, it is essential you show rooms to be as versatile as possible as well as practical. 

3. Spend money: A lot of people fall short here and this is what could end up costing you thousands on auction day. Many people think that selling a home should be presented the way you live in it, which is partly true, however dirt, rubbish and unkempt spaces can end up being detrimental to your final sales price. Spend money on these items:

  • The garden
  • The pool (if you have one)
  • The front porch (ensure the door is painted and steps clean)
  • Windows
  • Carpet cleaning

These five items if you get them right can influence sales prices for the better. 

4. Paint, and make sure it's neutral: Many feature walls and unique colours can be attractive to the person who lives there, however it can alienate potential buyers and make them feel like they can't imagine living there. Painting the walls in colours such as an off white, cream and passive colours can add tens of thousands as it can make potential buyers feel like there is a lot less work they potentially have to do. 

5. Ask an agent objectively: Finally, one great tip to get your home is to ask an agent. Agents see consumers on a daily basis. They are inundated with requests in the market. A simple walk through by an agent can inform you about amendments, that if made will change the resale value immensely. Get your agent on side, as they may be the one who ends up selling it, or may have the potential buyer already on one of their weekly call cycle lists. 

About Rocky Bartolotto:


Rocky Bartolotto is the National Sales Director for - Rocky's extensive experience in introducing new product offerings to the market and client management abilities makes him one of the most knowledgeable property specialists in the country. 

In addition to his time working in the online space, Bartolotto is also one of Sydney’s top auctioneers, with over 4000 auctions performed through his business Auction Services.