Email marketing musts - sending a message the right way

Agents have always understood that email is an effective tool to help them both win listings and stay in touch with their clients. However it still is amazing in this current day how many agents abuse the tool of emails. They have emails flying all over the place, however they don't maintain consistency in their messaging and have a technique to engage clients. Very few agents study their click through rates and find what works and what doesn't. Today we have put together 3 solutions to clean up your email marketing practice, to ensure that you get your message through and it is informative to your audience.

1. Analyse your database- send the right message to the right people.

If the message you send doesn't engage your market and entice them to a call of action or at least strongly remind them of your services that you are offering, then it should strongly be considered if it should be sent at all. Engagement is the most important tool, so before you start blasting emails away, find out the content your audience wants. Asking consumers at inspections what updates they would like to receive is your best place to start, and after that give them the content they want. Secondly, the email should entice a call to action, it needs to make the consumers do something, the best thing they could do is pick up the phone to call you as you can build rapport, so generate a call to action such as a free home valuation, free market update, anything that will get consumers genuinely interested in your service. 

2. Ensure the content is direct and specialised.

There is generally only one time that consumers are willing to receive bulk, impersonal emails. When they sign up to coupon services. If you want to differentiate your services from a bulk emailer you MUST make the message personal. There is no use making a consumer feel like just another consumer, as eventually they will unsubscribe. To build rapport personalise, please note that from the outset, personalisation takes time. But whilst it takes time, your cut through rate will double, triple and quadruple. Email marketing that firstly is personalised to the consumer and secondly drops in notes and hints unique to them is a must. Mentioning something such as "Hi Matt, I know you were looking for a house that was pet friendly, I thought this new listing may be great for your little pitbull Tony" will do more wonders than you can imagine. It shows you have taken in to consideration their personal circumstances and will classify you above every other agent bulk emailing. 

3. Vary and monitor your content.

Many agents haven't evolved from their original email structure they started when working their first job in real estate. It generally goes along the lines of

"Hi ......

I'm ...... your expert agent, 

The problem with this is that most other agents are sending the same content and it generally goes straight to junk mail. You need to be brave and experiment. You won't lose customers if you are honest with your approach and vary relevant content. Some alternative email subject lines to try are: 

  • 3 of the best houses in your suburb
  • Best house of the year.... being sold this month

Topics like this create a call to action and incite the consumer to want to read more. You can't fail with this... try a routine of different subject lines and see what sticks. 

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