The 5 Super Wealthy suburbs of Victoria are......

We always get asked where are the most expensive houses in Victoria and what have locals set as the most affluent areas in Victoria. So today we have highlighted the 5 'Super Wealthy' suburbs of Victoria and given you a snapshot in to each of them.

1. Toorak

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"This is Melbourne's answer to Beverly Hills..."

Toorak is largely about money - those who've made it and want to show it. Mansions and fancy apartments. I like Toorak but would probably prefer to live in East Melbourne or even South Yarra mainly for the shopping, dining and other close by amenities that they offer. Personally I was a little disappointed with the shopping options found at Toorak Village .. to me it's more style over substance .. but I'm a single man .. maybe women would find the shopping more to their liking .. fashion houses etc.. But if you want a grand home and a grand statement then this is the place .. and if you're very wealthy .. then 20 - 30 million buys you a fabulous mansion and grounds. Of course not everyone in Toorak is a multi millionaire .. there are rental apartments that the not so well healed reside in and of course more modest homes for the 3-6 millionaire. A trend in the suburb is the building of fancy apartment complexes and they're attracting some wealthy occupants who have decided to downsize from their mansions into something much more manageable and more secure. If you have money and aren't afraid to show it .. then Toorak could be the place for you. This is Melbourne's answer to Beverly Hills... (Author: DavDav)

2. Canterbury 

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"Canterbury is tranquility in the burbs!"

I've lived in Canterbury all my life, and absolutely love it here. The neighbours are amazingly friendly, and many great schools for the kids within a short driving distance. Close enough to the CBD without being too close, and most areas of canterbury have an abundance of trees lining the streets, making it a visually pleasing place to live. 

You couldn't ask for a safer suburb either, with no crime that I know of. Burke Road shopping is only a short stroll away, and with the new Well shopping complex there, it's got everything you would need. Rivoli Cinemas are close, as are some great restaurants. 

The only downside I would say is the expense. It is one of the most expensive suburbs in Melbourne, but if you can afford it, then by all means, you really can't go wrong in Canterbury. (Author: lucasmiller

3. Portsea 

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"Melbourne's best beach getaway"

I've been going to Portsea all my life, absolutely love spending summer on Shelley Beach or the Portsea Back Beach if you want some surf. Great shopping nearby at Sorrento, or a short trip to Rye/Rosebud if you need more. It's an expensive place to have a beach home but the property prices have held up over the years. (Author: Jason Spencer)

4. Albert Park 

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"Beautiful, affluent city fringe suburb"

Characterised by wide streets, heritage buildings, open air cafes, parks and mature exotic trees, Albert Park is a beautiful looking suburb located just 3km outside of Melbourne’s CBD. With almost 6,000 residents it is an affluent area well suited to professionals and families. Albert Park boasts a reserve, the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, Kerferd Pier, an award winning burger place, St Vincent Gardens and the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre. Home to a predominant mixture of Edwardian and Victorian homes as well historic buildings which have been converted into apartments, Albert Park’s properties average at a cool $1.1 million. (Authour: Lauryn)

5. Middle Park 

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"A village atmosphere"

Ideallic Middle Park....a place I call home now. The beach around the corner Albert Park a couple of blocks away...a tram at my doorstep....The Middle Park Village for a quiet lunch with friends and family and the nightlife and vibrance of St Kilda a few streets away....i would not want to live anywhere else... (Author: StuartMP

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