12 things to do to become a more elite agent

We've collected some of the best tips from industry experts about what you can do to become an elite agent. Ranging from some basic tips, to more advanced ideas- here are the best suggestions for you to fulfil your agent presence.

  • Undertake a multi-faceted marketing campaign: mediums such as Newspaper are still a pivotal marketing platform, however using budgets wisely is essential. Don't just flood listings on every portal, analyse your target market, and expose listings that show your listings in the highest caliber, not as content used to draw in further advertising rates that portals charge.
  • Get your name out locally: The power in local advertising is immense. You can't underestimate the use of being the Local Expert of the area you represent. Sponsor local events, as small as U/9 soccer games in your area. This will give you a personal brand and also not cost a lot in fees.
  • Vary your listing engagement strategy: Marketing to consumers with the same email template and same brochure dropped in their letter box is boring. Try split testing the content over a medium and let 50% get option A and 50% get option B, measure the success of a lead- be it a call to an agent from the brochure as success. One you know which is more successful, vary that content again for better responses.

Get your brand out there online. To separate from the rest, you need a diverse marketing campaign, with online taking up a proportion. To drive people to your site provide them with this content

  • A blog: Have consumers subscribe to your thoughts on a range of issues, you could run two blogs, one investment based and one style based to drive different audiences to the content. 
  • Provide content to locals: Show that you are an expert in the area where people are asking questions. You will build up validity and rapport by writing content in response to locals questions on suburbs that you represent. 
  • Establish reviews: Reviews are the most powerful tool you can use to validate your service offering as an agent. Consumers search for reviews when they come to make educated decisions, by allowing reviews to be written of your service you put yourself in the position to highlight good services, and establish content that consumers trust and go to as an expert source.

Branding yourself as an agent is really important to set yourself apart from every other agent in a suit. Her are further tips to make your personal brand stand out.

  • Have an up to date profile shot: People gravitate to strong profile images, having a good and clear profile image builds your brand as a professional and helps you look the part. 
Clear images generate many more leads to the agent on Homely

Clear images generate many more leads to the agent on Homely

  • Bring promotional material: Bring promotional material to display how their house will look on Homely will win clients over and encourage them to list with you, by showcasing the professional approach you take to marketing you will generate more leads.
If you are interested in more marketing material please contact us to display content to your consumers. 

If you are interested in more marketing material please contact us to display content to your consumers. 

  • Develop a listing presentation specific for the client: Nothing wins a client over more than when you show stylised content for their specific house and let them visualise what it is you could actually do for them. 

Networking as an agent is essential, use these tips to build more awareness about your brand socially.

  • Conduct a webinar: Get online and have people join in for free to learn more about the market. 
  • Connect socially: Use tools such as facebook and twitter to answer questions and field for consumers looking for connections to agents.
  • Engage personally: It is very easy to engage over digital, however set yourself apart and engage personally with hand written notes and gestures that show thought. 

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