Essential tips to driving a strong digital strategy

Digital strategy is now equally important if you want to market your real estate office successfully. However that does not mean to just go and do everything, everywhere without much insight or structure to what you want to achieve. Today we have put together some clear points to implement to drive a strong and successful digital strategy.  

1. Your brand must be centric: The most important thing to remember from the outset when digitally marketing is that the brand must be centric. You must drill down your core values. If you are a very conservative and historical agency, then tweeting obscene content in order to get a response won't resonate with your brand. Write down your key points of what your brand represents, if your brand is conservative, it doesn't mean it needs to be boring. 

Ensure your content speaks to your audience about what they want tips on

Ensure your content speaks to your audience about what they want tips on

2. Be First, Try, Accept Failure: There is no shame in failing, there is more shame in not trying. One of the most important tips to your digital strategy has to be experimentation. Trying different content, at different times, on different days is a great way to see what resonates with your audience. If you don't experiment with your content you will be limited to your exposure and your ability to engage more consumers. 

3. Know where your brand is: Some people think they need their digital branding everywhere. However that isn't the case. You need to analyse where your target market is and ensure you are in their digital channels. Don't market to consumers on twitter if you know they are more prevalent on facebook. Engage your consumers where they are. 

4. Change your channel for your audiences: It's important when marketing that you send the right message, over the right channel. Tweeting to prospective clients in an age bracket of 50-65 may not help. Remember, email is the most effective form of communication. Don't try and reinvent the wheel, use strategies that work before being cute. 

5. Identify what can and will help: Every day you will be subscribed to blogs and articles telling you how a new tool can help your productivity, chances are it won't. To have an effective digital strategy, navigate and prioritise the tools that will help you. Investigate if tools like Evernote will help you, if you think it will, try it and see if it improves your productivity. 

Being digitally engaged is essential. Use these key steps to ensure you stay digitally connected, but also don't waste time in tools that aren't adding value. Be switched on to know if tools are assisting, driving and helping business. If they aren't then maybe skip them.