10 of the best ideas to drive further engaging leads

Every day agents wake up but aren't sure how to drive further leads. We have compiled a PDF of Homely's best simple ideas for lead generation. Some of these may work for you, not all of them are designed for you to implement, but if you can pick one, two or three that will increase your exposure, you could be on to something.

1. Try a new hobby and expand your network.

When you take something up that you are passionate about, you will meet people who feel the same. By having a commonality to bond over, you increase your network and ability to build up trust. This will lead to further bonding and these consumers coming to you for property advice. 


2. Follow family life-cycles.

Part of the reason move is due to necessity. If you stay connected to your network, follow when people progress. when families have kids that graduate and move out their need to downsize will increase. Be there for when they need to move.


3. Get a booth at a bridal expo.

This may sound crazy, but going back to following family life cycles, newly married couples generally make their first large investment as a house. Be there as an agent for when they are actively looking.


4. Go to the local hangouts.

It's amazing how much you network when people are unwinding. General chit chat in a coffee store can lead to an exchange of business cards and a prospect to follow up as a lead. Build your network in these areas as people will be more receptive due to less time constraints. 


5. Contact agents in other areas.

Agents can be possibly your best referral. Agents that have consumers looking in your area and not theirs will be encouraged to connect you if you build a relationship. Start by going through all the consumers you can't help or don't think you will be able to and introduce them to an agent you think may be able to help. This can do wonders. 


6. Use sporting events as an opportunity to network. 

Commonalities like sport are a great, non-pressured way to connect. Hosting things such as world-cup parties, or events for people to get together to discuss all things sport related is a non-threatening way for you to expand your network and chat property. 


 7. Keep fit

Places like the gym are a great way to connect and build up networks. Wearing a branded top with your local company can showcase to consumers you are a Local Expert for consumers looking in that area. Without being over bearing you can discuss what people do for a living and try to drive them to your brand. 


8. Keep consumers up to date with what you are doing socially

A good way to keep consumers on side is to stay in the back of their mind through social media. Give them a call to action to entice them to follow your social channels and provide content that is engaging. Remind them on a constant basis if they need ANY property based info to get in touch, it's all about consistent engagement and touch points so you are thought of first when consumers need to sell. 


9. Advertise socially.

It's worth investing a premium listing to be exposed with a featured Facebook Ad. Monitor the engagement and see which demographics engage, once you gather that you can know what properties to target listings on your social ads by seeing who engages.


10. Network to the extended networks.

The value you derive from extreme networks needs to be considered. Every time a husband and wide separates, they will need legal council, this change also requires generally one of them to find a new property. If you are connected to lawyers that engage in this they may handball them as an actively looking lead. Networking with land surveyors, landscape gardeners, builders etc can also throw you leads. Thing of B2B marketing as another option. 

If you'd like to know more about networking, get in touch with our social team through twitter. Other enquiries can also be directed to todd@homely.com.au 

Download PDF Here