The standard day for a successful real estate agent

Many agents, especially younger ones starting out in their career want to emulate successful agents. However most don't take the time out to ask them what they do differently or how they can improve. We have interviewed successful agents nationwide and come up with some clear tips that they recommend in order to differentiate yourself from standard agents.

1. Lead generation: One of the most things to consistently do is lead generation. Agents can get complacent by thinking they have enough in their pipeline or they don't need to drive anything further, however consistent lead generation is key to bey a long term successful agent. Keeping a diverse array of prospecting strategies is essential; diversifying between calls, door knocks, suggested valuations, letter box drops and other things can be a sure way to generate leads. 

2. Admin: Every agent does this, the trick is being able to do this efficiently. Whilst some agents have PA's, being able to be successfully strategised is essential. Scanning every contract of your listed properties in to your emails as well as having face sheets of every listing on your mobile is a great way to require no paper, be able to instantly send materials to clients and be efficient. 

3. Stocktake: The market moves quickly and as an expert you need to be able to tell consumers what is happening. Market research on what areas moved stock over the weekend as well as struggling areas will ensure you can convey consumers listing with you what to expect and set realistic expectations. If a suburb you work in had 10 auctions and not one sold, you can tell your vendor that having realistic expectations for a sale is essential. 

4. Spend time on your local expert profile: One way to ensure you win more listings and are known as an expert is to engage in local conversations on Homely. By partaking in just 30 minutes socially each day, you can syndicate the local discussions to your social profiles, demonstrating to consumers you are well aware of what is happening and building local expert points. 

Finding local discussions here that you can help will boost your profile and generate leads. 

Finding local discussions here that you can help will boost your profile and generate leads. 

5. 30/60/90/ calls: You should work in to your calendar and your CMS to follow up on consumers at every stage of a lifecycle. Making notes on each discussion you had last time can ensure that you keep engaged and assist them when they are ready to buy or sell. If you met a consumer a month ago at an OFI, following them up and asking them how their search is going and if they are still looking will help you be the most engaged agent out there.

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