7 thank you notes that will make you the most desired agent

We all know that engagement is the most important thing for agents, however keeping your clients engaged is essential. There is no point just prospecting to consumers when they have a house to sell or need an agent immediately. Chances are that when a consumer comes to need an agent, they already have the desired person in mind. In order to be that person you must stay engaged with the consumer over a sustained period. Here are 9 notes to send consumers to prove you are not just another agent.

1. Post presentation- The day after presenting to consumers to pitch for their listing you should follow up with a note simply stating, thank you for your time, discuss the features of the house you loved and why you are excited to work with them. 

2. Awarded listing- Your work is not done after you win the listing, a personal note after being given the listing describing the detail you will go to and why you are excited to work on this listing is essential. This way from the outset they know you have tried your best. 

3. Not Awarded listing- If you had the chance to discuss the listing but didn't get it you must stay in contact. The reasons being that if the listing does not work out with the agent they chose or they do need a second opinion you will be there. Ensure you stay engaged with them through the process and find out what they like/ don't like about their chosen agent.

4. Thank you after purchase: It's easy to congratulate the purchaser on the day and make them feel good. They will be hyped with emotion. It is more essential you connect a few days later and tell them how grateful they bought from your services. It shows you are connected, you can help them manage the property if they need help and also provide advice if they need to sell their own home. 

An example of marketing to locals to let them know you exist and the listings you're working on

An example of marketing to locals to let them know you exist and the listings you're working on

5. Happy Anniversary: A point of difference between you and other agents is not your follow up at the intimate time of the sale, but rather how you stay engaged long term. Sending a hand written note a year after purchase saying thank you and congratulations is a great idea. Also asking to take a photo of the purchasers outside the front of the home on auction day is great as you can send this to them. People love to reminisce.

6. Listings in the neighbourhood: Not so much a thank you, but rather a reminder. When a consumer selects you as an agent, let the people in the area know. A simple note saying vendors at 121 Smith Street have just asked us to sell their home. If you are interested in a home valuation or are looking for agent advice please get in contact. It is also a good idea to link them to your agent profile on Homely with your local expert points to prove your local expertise. 

7. An unexpected thank you: One of the best compliments you can give to someone is when they aren't expecting it. For people who help you, in a small way - drop them a personal thank you. It can be as simple as thanking a local doctor when they helped you or another parent that helped you with your children. A note when they don't expect anything for their service will demonstrate your good will and have consumers wanting to use you when they come to sell. 

Being a real estate agent is one of the prime examples of consumers buying who they like. If you stay engaged with people, and go that extra 10% in order to help people they will only ever want you to sell their house as they will know the distance you go in order for excellence.