Agent staging tips that work for high end properties

Agents are time poor, however if there is somewhere agents should invest time to increase sales, it could be in home staging. Home staging is one of the most successful tactics in showing off a listing at its best. By staging a home, you breathe a new life in to a property and give it a view that may otherwise not engage buyers or get it the best value come sales day. Here are 5 tips to stage high end properties

1.  Be Honest and take charge for change:

Be honest with your vendor, come back to them with a list of ideas that you think should change in order to drive further interest. Discuss with them how certain pieces of furniture could be detrimental to the listing and suggestions in what you'd replace it with in order to get more engagement.

2. Walk vendors through other properties:

One way you can get vendors on your wavelength when thinking of staging a property is to have them walk through other listings. Walking consumers through competitors listings in their market is a good way to have vendors understand what needs to be changed in order to drive further engagement. 

3. Focus on the outside:

If your vendor is struggling to spend money or having an issue on staging the home, explain that a strong street presence can be the key ingredient in order to win over people and get them through the door. Show them before and after renovations to exteriors on other homes and explain the value add on making a small change to the exterior. 

4. Show the house with its potential:

A true issue for consumers is getting them to put their content away to not spoil the listing. One suggestion is to have them remove clutter, however don't remove too much, it is better to showcase a home with a table that maybe isn't the most appealing, but provides context of what could go there. This will help with people lacking imagination. 

5. Neutralise the home:

On the theme of allowing people to envisage themselves living there, it is important to have non-offensive colours for the interior display. Changing the paint scheme to be fresh and neutral can ensure that consumers feel less threatened when moving in to the home. 

There are many more staging tips for agents, stay in touch with our blog as we roll out more suggestions that agents can pass on to vendors to receive the optimum sales price.