5 Tips for a good, relaxing holiday.

Many real estate agents go on holiday without actually relaxing or switching off. If you don't plan ahead, you may find yourself answering phone calls or flooded with emails, and going on holiday could be just as stressful as being at work. Here are 5 tips to ensure you truly unwind on a holiday. 

1. Forward Planning 

Planning well in advance is essential. If you can get away when the market is quiet, it will help you and prevent your business from suffering. For these reasons, getting away over Christmas and summer periods generally means you don't miss too much. If your clients have kids, recognise that they may be away over school holiday periods, and you may get some time off there. 

2. Arrange Coverage 

Working with your team is essential. Asking them to cover your listings for the time you are away is a good plan. Get an agent who covers the same market as you, but maybe in rentals so that they have local knowledge. Working out a referral scheme and how you will reciprocate the favour will ensure that everything goes smoothly. If possible, arrange a lunch with your vendors, your partner and yourself to create an informal introduction.

3. Sort out your content 

You may need to work hard to get in front, but it is important to ensure that your faithful followers are getting regular content and updates. Pre-write some articles so that your consumers know you are still there. Reiterate you are away and enquiries will be dealt with when you return. Include real time posts to remind consumers that you are on vacation. A snap at dinner can't hurt!

4. Ensure leads are dealt with 

Make sure your leads don't go unanswered because you are away. Set up an automatic email reply that tells them you are away, when you will be back, and that you will be in touch when you return. Also request for more details so that you can go back with helpful answers rather than more questions. This will help save precious time. For example, 'Thanks for your enquiry. If your enquiry is about a specific listing, please reply with the property address and the questions you may have. I endeavour to answer your enquiries as soon I return on (date)”. 

5. Have a strategy for your return

One of the best ways to prevent stress while you are away is to plan how you will tackle the workload when you return. A smart way is to give your self an extra “out of office” day so that you have time to answer emails, prioritise issues, and manage schedules on your first day back. Code emails according to their importance, and call every vendor to let them know you have returned. Then catch up with your leads, update your information, and go back to your vendors with the next plan of attack.Keep in touch with our blog through our Twitter stream, we will post the latest articles for agents and link them through here.

Keep in touch with our blog through our twitter stream, we will post the latest articles for agents and link them through here.