A traditional Lead Generation tactic that shouldn't be forgotten.

Right now, I imagine you have a million things on the go. You will have social content, your internal emails running, whilst phone calls coming in at a million miles an hour. But how do you actually quantify leads and how do you ensure you cut through the clutter. The simple suggestion is to move back to proven tactics.... and that is Letter box drops.

Many people, whilst they have moved online, check their mail daily. And whilst they may check their email daily as well, it is much easier to mark something as spam or not open an email than it is to disregard a letter that comes in to your letterbox and is personally addressed. Therefore, today's suggestion, is to revert to old school letter box drops.


1. Research the target area for guaranteed cut through: It is easy these day to get demographic reports, therefore you need to go and ensure your message lands in the right hand. Imagine someone saying that they could provide you with 1,000 households across 5 suburbs you cover with guaranteed demographics. That would be gold, because you can ensure your message cuts through directly to them. Find out also if another agent is working the area, and if so, start somewhere else. You want to be the number 1 agent for that demographic.

2. Ensure you have a frequency calendar: There is science that proves that for people to remember something, they need to hear it frequently. Therefore what is suggested is a schedule for your mailbox drops. You may alternate a suburb through a four week cycle, with a letter box drop week one, an update call week two, an email week three, and a market update in week four. This will ensure you stay in the vendors mind as the number one local expert. 

What to send? 

1. Give your market current updates: The best way to establish your presence and also have people remembering your name is to provide updates. There are multiple postcards you can send to consumers, these can be a weekly sales result for the suburb, a new house listed in the street. 

2. Reviews left by other consumers: Once you have had a client work with you, ask them to review your performance on Homely. Once you have a written review, you can get this formatted and printed with a bunch of other reviews, this will provide validation for your services that you offer in your area.  

What a standard Letter Box Drop Calendar Looks like. 

A standard weekly calendar for an agent that is used for leading agents. 

A standard weekly calendar for an agent that is used for leading agents. 

As you can see- an active agent really does get out and drive engagement through letter box drops. Whilst these times may vary, if you can allocate an hour in your day, possibly 6pm-7pm after you've done your calls, or even better whilst you are making calls, it will go a long way to boosting your brand. If you get this content prepared, you can also have this outsourced to a mail delivery service. 

Working this schedule means that each week, the colours will change. Therefore, whoever received the market summary will now receive a compelling offer the following week Everything will move over one spot. This will ensure the content stays varied. 

How to perfect it and what to expect.

Letter box drops need to be varied in the long term to ensure you get the best cut through. There is no point putting in a bunch of letters in to peoples homes and just hoping it drives more leads. You should be split testing this content. If you can vary this content on a two week basis and measure the amount of leads you generate in the same periods of time, you will know what content works better. 

Agents need to be aware that the cut through of this is relatively low, however if you win a 2.5 million dollar listing that pays 2% commission ($50,000) it is well worth the extra hour you put in. The other value add is market presence and referrals, there is not doubt that if you are at the top of people's minds you will win more listings. So, speak to your marketing department, get your cards designed and hit the streets!