What to tell vendors who want to sell in 2014.

A common situation for agents is they will get a few leads of vendors who are wanting to sell, however they may not be ready to act just yet. It isn't uncommon to have vendors say they want to discuss now about bringing their property on to the market in the middle of spring, when their house looks its best and the weather is nicer.

However, as an agent, does it benefit you by bringing the house to market in Spring, or would you rather bring it on through the midst of winter? Here are some ideas on why winter is not a bad season to market property and may drive more value for your home. 

1. Stock is generally down and provides further exposure.

One advantage of selling through winter is the limited competition you will face. A lot of vendors will be holding out for the spring market, however, most vendors can look beyond the dreary weather and see the benefits of your property. If this is the case, you will be listing with limited competition and increase the market competition.

2. Winter homes can provide a Homely feeling.

One of the good things about homes in winter is that people want to stay in them. When people visit your home over the winter, generally it is much more appealing than being outside and therefore being inside the home provides more warmth for them. Setting up a fire place and providing some warm tea can play up the homes warmth offering. 

3. You'll give your home a stronger presence over a longer period of time.

Most vendors want to transact a home quickly, however one option is to bring the home up for auction through private sale and waiting to see if you get any interest. This will allow you to both see the consumer interest in your home but also help prepare it if you do want to bring the house to market over the spring. This is appealing to vendors who want a hush hush sale, but also to vendors who want to ensure they have explored every option by the end of the spring market. 

A listing on the market through winter on Homely. 

A listing on the market through winter on Homely. 

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