How to handle your upcoming Spring listings.

Spring is the hottest time in the market, vendors think it is best to sell and want their home sold then and there. However, before you bring the listing live or for listings you are looking at bringing live soon, here are the tips you need to pass on to your vendors to have a successful sale. 

1. Staging is the most important thing you can do: NEVER underestimate how important staging is. The difference between having a professional stylist come in and design rooms to show off their features could mean tens of thousands come auction day. The advantage of this is that it removes personal clutter and the emotional attachment so people can start to envisage what they can do with the property. 

2. You will get them the best possible price, however prices are set by the market: Vendors will sit down and give you a reserve figure they think the home is worth based on what you suggest. However, always finish the discussion explaining to the vendors you will do everything within your power and the property is only worth what someone is willing to pay. Don't set a figure in stone because you can leave vendors feeling flat if they don't get there. 

For vendors that aren't sure what prices are worth, ask them to visit a set of comparative properties (listed with you or not, it doesn't matter) and have them engage with the agent and find out their suggestions. Draw on the comparisons and differences when pricing the reserve. 

3. You may need to spend money to make money: Agents are reluctant to spend money, they want the most for their home without spending a dollar. Whilst it is understandable, it's not realistic. Explain to vendors people are so judgemental with their eyes, so if there are faults on display, scrupulous buyers will hold that negatively, and to the nth degree.  Allocate a budget on basic clean ups, it doesn't have to be a lot. Also suggest the house is given one intensely thorough clean and cleaned an hour or so before inspections. 

4. To settle before summer requires creative options: Sellers want to sell in Spring but they don't think from the buyers perspective. Not a lot of buyers want to move a house over the summer period, they may have vacations planned etc. Therefore try and offer the best settlement offers you can, if you can provide a 30 day settlement and allow the new purchaser in ASAP it may sweeten the deal. When it comes to getting the deal done vs not done, the extra $15,000 you get by dealing well could well and truly cover a rental over summer and help you prepare for the next move. Don't be fussy with this. 

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