How to say the right message at the right time: Phone Scripts

Agents, you can be more prepared if you proactively practise your scripts. There should be a few generic structures you follow consumers through when they are looking at property or enquire. Whilst enquiries will differ in regards to the requirements in your response, here are some scripts that will help you engage with potential prospects.

For the scripts below- the agent text is written italics, with the consumers in standard font. 

First Contact from a potential Buyer:

Once you have received a lead, most likely an enquiry from online, a phone call or a left message here is how to qualify the buyer. 

Hi, it's (insert your name) from (insert office). I just received your request about (insert address) from Homely, what information where you after about the home?

Yes, I'd like to know more.

Great! What is your current situation, how come you are looking? 

Prospect will provide info in to their searching history.

That sounds good, my next inspection for that property is at (insert time) Can you make it then? 

If they cannot, then set up a suitable time to meet them.


Leaving a voice message for a consumer who is enquiring about a listing: 

Hi (insert name) Thanks for enquiring about (insert property) I'd love to take you through the home at (insert address) as well as a few other listings that are similar I have in the area. Feel free to give me a call back on (insert number) and in the mean time I'll send you over an email with my details. That's (insert name) from (insert office)n and you can contact me on (insert number) 


Client contacts you but they aren't ready to buy: 

Hi (insert name) I received your enquiry about property (insert address) I haven't had a chance to read in depth as to what you were after, but I thought I'd follow up with a call. What sparked your curiosity?

I'm just looking, but not actively ready to buy right now. (Be weary of how much time you spend here)

No problems. What is it that you are looking for?

Listen to their response

Sounds good. There is a lot moving at the moment, but with a hot market things aren't staying around for long. Do you think you will be ready to buy in the next few months or are you going to see what the market does?

If they say they are waiting, then tell them you will touch base if you find anything suitable, and to get in touch once their search ramps up. Also suggest to send them a list of properties, to see if any of them are going to move them to an active buyer.

Provide your contact details and leave them as a follow up call in eight weeks.


Enquiry from a consumer where the listing is now off the market

Hi, it's (insert name) form (company) - I received your enquiry about (insert address) That listing has just been taken off the market, but what is it you are currently looking for?

I'm just looking for a 3 BDR home in Prahran 

That's great. There has been a strong demand for those type of houses on the market. They are moving quickly. What is your price range, and do you have approval from the bank?

Yes I do. 

Great. Well let me send over a few homes I think may be suitable, and let's set up a time next week for me to meet you and take you through them.

Engaging your consumer from the outset is essential. Listen to what they have to say and understand their pain points and work with them to resolve them. That is what will make you a great agent and provide you with a point of difference.