SEO Strategies to make you a smarter agent.

Increasing your online presence is essential to be an elite agent. However, when it comes to appearing up the top of generic real estate searches on Google, you need to adapt your content and strategy to ensure you get visibility. There is no point having great listings and content if no-one can find it. Here are three tips to keep your brand up the top on any consumer real estate searches.

1. Write good content: Before you try to have your content viewed, it's more important you do research and ensure that your content is good. A lot of people use black hat techniques and get visibility of their content, only for readers to think it is terrible and avoid ever coming back to read more. You need to write the content with the end user in mind, and fix a pain point or problem that they have. Your content needs to have a singular purpose and be direct. When writing your content, think more so about writing content that is short and sharp and fixes a problem rather than elaborate posts. 

2. Use clean formatting: When getting your content up, it is essential to have it easily digested. One of the best ways to do this is giving your content a specific focus on key words. A lot of blogs will provide a random URL for a post from the hosting site, however you should change the post URL to be specific to the end user: e.g another idea is to ensure you have an H1 (Heading tag) on every one of your pages as well as an image tag on all listing images for image search purposes. 

3. Get keywords in to your good content: There is a reason this is well behind the first point of writing good content. There is no point in writing content tailored to key words as it will inhibit the user experience in reading the content. Once you have written your article you should re-read the content and review if you can substitute average and non impactful words for words that are likely to get more traffic through key word search. Ideas like changing out the words such as home to realestate and words that are getting good traffic with monthly searches are a good way to decide the words you should focus around.

Have a play on Google Keyword Planner to find out the current bids for keywords on google and what words people are searching for when it comes to Google. Once you know this, you can start to work this in to your content strategy. 

An example of the cost pet keyword on Google. 

An example of the cost pet keyword on Google. 

Ultimately you should look at engaging an SEO specialist if you are serious about improving your keyword presence. It is a good start for you as an agent to understand how to increase your visibility and what people search for when it comes to online realestate. Long term, if you can write your content around this, and increase your traffic, you will have more people reading your content and increase your cut through. 

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