Market recap with industry expert Brant Williams - Advantage Property Consulting.

1. Which areas do you service?  

All across Metropolitan Melbourne

2. How are you currently finding the market in your area?

With such a segmented market we are finding a vast difference across the market but in general things are picking up! 

3. How did your team perform over this weekend?

We had a strong weekend with a high application volume to kick off the year. 

4. Do you think your specific market is a representation of the national market or do you think your market is performing differently to the national average?

Our market is varied, some parts perform better than others. By having a diverse market you notice ebbs and flows throughout the year. We can find one area to be booming with a lot of consumer interest, and we are trying to find listings to fulfil their dreams and others where we have the stock but the buyers are scarce. It's really important to manage the different markets and keep in touch with the ones not performing overly well, as they will turn and require an agent to serve them.

5. What do you anticipate for 2015?

I predict the inner city to continue to struggle due to the surge of new apartments, more educated and fussy tenants and landlords starting to realise that tenants won’t pay high rentals for outdated properties.

6. What is the one suggestion you would give to prospective investors who are looking at investing in 2015?

Don’t be afraid to look further out and make sure you buy an ‘investment grade’ property. 

About Brant Williams

Brant Williams is a Department Manager and new business specialist assisting our investor clients to obtain quality tenants.

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About Advantage Property Consulting:  

Advantage Property Consulting are property consultants who manage all aspects of property transactions for our homebuyers and investor clients to assist them to build wealth through property.