Which of these 3 tips will help you create better listings?

Writing up the details of a listing is something that every agent does, some in fact may pass this off to someone else in their team, however today we will explain why you should 100% be doing this yourself and the importance of writing a good listing. Here are three must does in writing your listings details.

1. Focus on the headline: Just like anything else you do, first appearances matter, the chances are that the prospect will see the headline before they decide to engage, the headline needs to appeal to their emotive side to create action. It is important to focus on the emotive element as much as the rational one. Listings that say good return on investment, and blue chip opportunity start to compete with other blue chip investments like shares etc. Therefore, focus on an emotive headline, and ask a question. "Can you imagine sitting in a premiere beachside suburb with the sea breeze flowing in?" - Questions like this will make the prospect envision themselves living there and focus on the emotive element, not factual one.  

2. Tell a story: The most important thing when writing up your listing is to sell a story, you need to have the potential buyer imagine themselves living there. The facts should be included but kept to a minimum, that is why the icons exist on every brochure you hand out and every listing you publish. Focus on the positives and start the listing by appealing to the change in lifestyle, talk them through what it will be like to live there. "As you enter this spacious apartment, the North facing balcony will stream sunlight in to your living room, ensuring that the room is already warm and inviting in those winter days and cool enough in those days in summer. When you retire to your bedroom you'll be welcomed with stunning marble tiles and the most up to date modern technology...." -  By doing this you have people imagine they are living there, which is the first step to an enquiry. 

3. Have the photos to match: You can write the best listing in the world, but if there is no imagery to accompany it, it is very hard for people to imagine themselves living there. Focus on great photos for every listing you have, as photos will appeal to peoples emotional side. When they see photos, they are able to envision which room they will sleep in, where they will watch TV, and just exactly how they will make it home. High end photography may be a more expensive option, but for the engagement it will product, the upside is massive. 

Can you see yourself unwinding with a glass of wine whilst watching the sunset?

Can you see yourself unwinding with a glass of wine whilst watching the sunset?

Remember that you are selling to people and the reason they are moving is to fix a need or want that they currently aren't getting from where they live, find what that need or want is and really make sure you appeal to it. Writing an effective and descriptive listing can save you time and bring you more qualified leads compared to what you are currently getting.

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Todd Schulberg

Todd Schulberg handles all things marketing for Homely.com.au - Living and breathing property, Todd has a keen interest in the movements in the market and how agents can utilise new tools and technology in order to be more connected. Using all things social, Todd suggests different ways that agents can engage and think outside the square with their marketing approach. 

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