These 6 tips will generate you leads through LinkedIn

LinkedIn may sound like just another social platform for you to be involved in, however its power for lead generation may be stronger than any of the other big players such as Facebook and Instagram. LinkedIn is the strongest social network for lead generation due to its hyper local segmentation of people. You can decide that if you want to build your target base of 25-35 year olds in the eastern suburbs with a background in art you can. This can help when you are looking for a specific type of person. To start generating leads through LinkedIn follow these steps. 

1. Connect to prospective people: To get going you need to drill down on who your target market is, and then connect to them. You should have a strong introduction explaining why you are connecting and how they should expect you to engage. Explain you are a property expert and you noticed they are located in the areas you service. Tell them you know the market intimately and would love to hear their thoughts on the market and if you can maybe provide suggestions on their investment/living situation. 

2. Participate in hyper local discussions: Every minute, in fact every second there are local discussions happening that you could be providing your expertise towards. Find hyper local discussions that you can contribute to. This will build up your profile in these groups and also provide you with content to syndicate through other social channels. 

Connect with people and the discussions they are currently having. 

Connect with people and the discussions they are currently having. 

3. Engage on positive occasions in your connections lives: When you receive notifications about the fact someone has a work anniversary or has changed jobs, congratulate them. Check in with them and ask them how their living arrangement is going and what their investment strategy is for the year ahead. Offer your services to discuss options and offer to keep an eye out for prospective properties they could want to invest in. 

4. Provide consistent buyer advice through blogs: By now you should know that relevant and engaging content is essential to win leads, but further to that, it needs to be consistent. Use the blogging platform on LinkedIn to write weekly updates and provide specific information on market segments, this will provide a good hosting platform for you to link people to and also to update your connections without being overly obtrusive through things like emails. 

5. Provide flattery: Everyone loves compliments, find people that are doing great things and provide a quick compliment, you need to realise that even if that specific person doesn't need to buy or rent a property, the goodwill established will be discussed and referred to others. You can find yourself getting leads from people after the person you complimented referred your services on. 

6. Advanced Filters: This could be the best tool for you to win leads. Before you start marketing your property, you should have a good idea in your mind of what the potential buyer will look like. Once you know this, generate an advanced search, including the location they could currently live, who they could work for. Whilst this is very niche, if you generate templates for direct messaging these people you can get through a couple of hundred very quickly and it is a good way to reach out to people in a 'cold' manner with a specific message to people you can anticipate are in your price bracket. 

Hyper Local searches are a great way to ensure you are connecting and leveraging peoples networks. 

Hyper Local searches are a great way to ensure you are connecting and leveraging peoples networks. 

About the Author:

Todd Schulberg

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