5 ways to get more buyers from your listings.

A lot of agents spend the majority of their time focusing on winning listings, and once they are won, passing the next stages over to their admin team. If there is any take away from this piece, it is that 'writing your real estate listing, could be the difference between getting it sold or not.' 

I don't know if there can be a more compelling statement, but hopefully that underlines the importance of writing a listing in a charismatic and straight forward approach. Just like any script or any sales pitch, there are some fundamental key elements that go in to writing listings, that may not sound 100% sexy, but will deliver you quality and informed leads. Learn the lessons here. 

All of your listings should start with unbelievable high quality photos, it is impossible to stress the difference between a high and low quality photo. It is the first impression on the listing, and makes the difference between a consumer clicking on the listing or not. 

1. Start with the headline.

Lavish masterpiece presents as Toorak's finest. reads better than 'Toorak home for sale.' Focus on the impressive features of the house and make sure that you really express the key features in the headline. The headline should make a statement about how it separates itself from the competition, focus on key words including: masterpiece, classic, potential, development, spacious, luxurious, opportunity. These are the kind of words that get people's attention. 

2. Focus on the pictures.

You get really one chance to make an impression with a listing, and even if the listing is written averagely, the photos will inspire consumer interest. Spend money on a professional photographer, and ask them to take photos at peak times of the day. Dusk is ideal as the sun is not as harsh as it is during the day, also make sure the property has been cleaned and get as much nature and space in the photos as possible.

Focus on showcasing more than one room at a time if possible, as this shows more space inside the property and makes rooms look bigger. Also ensure the lighting inside is perfect, if you don't have great light, make sure the photographer brings a back up and works on this in post-production. 

3. Tell a story, don't SELL a story.

Agent's sometimes make the mistake of trying to SELL the listing. Instead of explaining why this property is right for the potential buyer, they try overly hard to put in fear to the buyers mind that they don't really have. Copy used such as HUGE POTENTIAL, CAN'T MISS OPPORTUNITY, WILL BE SNAPPED UP is incredibly detrimental to your brand, it screams to consumers and doesn't engage them. The most important thing is to ask consumers to imagine living in this home. This is what will get them over the line. 

Nothing looks worse than an overbearing sales poster. It's the same for your listings. 

Nothing looks worse than an overbearing sales poster. It's the same for your listings. 

Sell the lifestyle, not just the home. 

Sell the lifestyle, not just the home. 

4. Create urgency.

It's important that in your listing you put in some key points about why this is special and the elements they will miss out on if they don't snap it up. If it's in a small apartment block, and an apartment hasn't come up for sale in a while, focus on the fact that it is the first one to come on the market in 24 months, or, if there is another element about why it's unique, such as redevelopment potential etc, focus on that and explain why the prospect needs to act today. Lines such as, "the first on the market for over 2 years" or "Highly sought after, with others selling before auction" make the prospect keen to act. 

5. Focus on the suburb.

One of the main reasons people move homes is because of the amenities on offer close by. You should know off the top of your head, which amenities will appeal to your buyers and explain this in the listing. Including content such as: Just three minutes away from the beach, and with Bay Street open for late night shopping, you will feel like you have the best of both worlds. Appealing to the fitness lovers, with two gyms available across the road, and with two tram stops located directly outside the front, you will have everything you need at your doorstep.

Things to include and feature in the listing are:

  • The closest park
  • The closest beach
  • Closest schools and the school zone it is in
  • Public transport
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Fitness facilities
  • Laundry facilities
  • Supermarkets

To give you an example of a listing we wrote: Read below.


Clifftop position provides ultimate luxury in exclusive Bellevue Hill

Situated on the top of Bellevue Hill's winding road, this modern masterpiece has everything you need when it comes to a family home. Built in 2007, this gorgeous home has entertained some of the most exclusive of Sydney's crowds, and been the go to home for sunny days. Featuring four spacious bedrooms, with accompanying ensuites, this home is perfect for a family with older children as everyone has their own living zone.

With all rooms finished in Italian marble, 7 Smith street contains an aura of class whilst remaining welcoming. The marble continues through to the living areas, where clear crystal glass panels provide endless natural light, and unbelievable views, with the kitchen bench-top finished with marble and sealed to prevent stains. 

An integrated electronics system connects the house, meaning you can control light, heat, and other functions through your phone, whilst the separate guest quarters means that you can have a live in maid if you do require it. 

Located in a leafy and exclusive street, you can't get a better suburb to live that Bellevue Hill. Known for it's luxurious homes, Bellevue Hill is also exceptionally family orientated with young families in the area. Smith Street is the type of street where kids play in the street together, and go to the local school nearby. The most prestigious senior schools are a stones throw away as well, with kings College, and St Catherine's around the corner.

With a private staircase down to the water, you will be able to unwind on the weekends and take the kids out for a day in the sun, without having a care in the world. The neighbours have mentioned that the water is 'blissful' and regularly host dinners together. It's the kind of place where you make lifelong friends.

If you are interested, please contact me on my number 0400 000 000 quickly as multiple discussions have already begun with interested parties.

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