Why Instagram is the most under utilised real estate marketing platform.

If there is one take away to get from this article, it is that using instagram as a social media platform is as important as Facebook and twitter and potentially even more important. Instagram has long been seen as a platform that young kids use to take selfies and post photos of their dinner. You couldn't be further from the truth:

  • Instagram has 300 million active users
  • 35% of users are in between the age of 25 and 34 years old
  • It is rapidly increasing in traction and looking at overtaking Twitter as the second most utilised social media platform
  • It has more users than LinkedIn

Instagram is heavily under utilised because of its geo-tagging abilities and hyper-niche targeted hashtags. This is how you can use instagram to build up your brand.

1. Post hyper-local content

The first way you can start using Instagram to build your leads and online profile is by posting hyper-local content. It's more important to post content that appeal directly to a niche audience that you want to engage with, rather than just generic and repetitive content. If you can post a landmark in a suburb you service that is appealing to locals, that is more engaging than posting photos that are generic. It allows the people in that network to see the content and understand you really know that local area.

You can geo-tag your location which will mean when people search for that location, your content will come up, increasing your visibility in local neighbourhoods.

geo tag.png

2. Target specific users:

Instagram is nearly as valuable as Google, especially when it comes to you wanting to find relevant people to prospect your listings. If you are looking at selling a $500,000 apartment, you can drill down on your target market by first commenting on the local content in the suburb that you are looking at building your profile. If you can find locals that have mentioned realestate topics/ questions, you can engage in their conversations and add content to their posts. 

3. You can use it as a visual display for your success:

If you start to appear in searches that locals use on Instagram, it is a great way to showcase you are a PRO agent in the area, and to build up credibility. If consumers see consistent photos of you with happy vendors, it is a valuable marketing tool. 


We found the above photo by searching for #sydneyre - this demonstrates that the agent who has this photo up is a local expert and delivering results for their vendors. This would definitely warrant a call to the agent if you were looking at engaging one. 

4. It not spammy, if used right.

Photos come across a lot less spammy as written content does. One thing Instagram does well is limits the ability of the CTA you can provide on the photo. This prevents links getting thrown around everywhere, and makes sure that it just focuses on the content of the imagery without allowing people to try and use this as a sales platform. Because of this, people are more inclined to look at photos without the fear that will be bombarded with marketing spam. 

5. It doesn't require clicks, increasing your visibility.

People are more inclined to follow brands on Instagram, as the fluency of being able to subscribe and unsubscribe is relatively easy. Unlike email marketing, people are very reluctant to hand over their email addresses as they don't control how much you contact them, with Instagram, they only see the content when they check their feed, meaning they control the messages they receive. You can also link out to a current listings etc by editing your profile bio. 

6. It reaches natural audiences, for free!

There are very few social platforms that can provide you as much information about users as instagram, which is powerful for targeting purposes. When you search for #bondi - you will be able to look at the demographic and who is posting the content. of the 681,000 posts you can then analyse which ones you want to engage with, but anyone who searches that hashtag will be sure to see your content. This is a great way of marketing hyper-locally and using the same methodology as google ad words, but for free. 

So what are you waiting for! Start marketing your content on Instagram and build up your social following. If you have any questions on how to get started, we'd be more than happy to help! 

About the Author:

Todd Schulberg

Todd Schulberg handles all things marketing for Homely.com.au - Living and breathing property, Todd has a keen interest in the movements in the market and how agents can utilise new tools and technology in order to be more connected. Using all things social, Todd suggests different ways that agents can engage and think outside the square with their marketing approach.

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