Tips to differentiate yourself when entering the real estate market.

Making a first impression is important, even more so when you are starting out in real estate and trying to establish a brand. But how can you make your brand different, fresh and exciting? How can you make your real estate office, and personal brand appeal to people and appear personal, inviting and luxurious? Here is how.

1. Make the consumer journey number one:

In either an online presence or physical presence, it is essential that you make the journey for a customer pleasant. You need to make a consumer want to open the next door and peak around the corner. To do this, make everything user friendly, have your office easily navigated and inviting. Little things like making the pathways clear for consumers to walk through the office is essential, and providing little elements of luxury along the way will never hurt. Have luxuries on the way, such as water, tea, coffee. The cost associated to this is so minimal, but the upside is immense. 

Apple is a good example of an 'office' layout that is easy to navigate and inviting.

Apple is a good example of an 'office' layout that is easy to navigate and inviting.

2. Build an 'engaging' online presence:

The trick here is to make sure that your online presence is engaging and not one way. When you are starting a new office, ask people their advice, opinions and get them involved. When you are trying to build a community you do need conversations going two ways. To establish this, build your social feeds and websites around more than just your listings. Make them locations to go and find out hyper-local suburb data, the best cafes in the area, or the best street in the suburb. This content is valuable to consumers, and it can make a big difference.

Integrate hyper-local content in to your website to differentiate it. 

Integrate hyper-local content in to your website to differentiate it. 

3. Make social a priority:

As a new office, you have the opportunity to set up your brand in the online space. Focus on multiple channels and use them differently. Use Facebook to provide images and updates on listings, Twitter for short and sharp updates, as well as a platform to link to your blog articles. On your page there should be a blog section, you should be updating this weekly with new content. Instagram should be used to provide updates visually on your listings and dream homes. 


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These tips will get you engaging socially across different platforms and get your brand spoken about from the get go. The best thing about this is that it doesn't require a large amount of money, just some love and attention. 

4. Make your inspections an incredible experience: 

The best chance you have to win buyers and vendors is during your open for inspections. It is one of the only times you have physical contact with people, allowing you to differentiate your services in a face-face manner. Many people try and differentiate themselves, but try online and neglect their personal manner. To improve your inspections, why not try some basic such as:

  • Have cold-water available on entry. Buy some bottles of cold mineral water, at 50 cents a customer it is worth it
  • Have visual demonstrations up about the house, get together the photos from the campaign, and maybe ones that didn't get used and have them rolling on the TVs. 
  • Provide some soft mood music. It is important that people are able to relax, and having some background music is a good way to break the tension and also relax the room. 
  • Provide ready made packs for consumers. A lot of consumers get marketing collateral from an agent and just throw it straight in the bin. Think about this for a minute and provide a brochure, your business card, and maybe a fact sheet about the rates, and some suburb information all in one neatly presented package. Whilst the packaging may be expensive it will be memorable.

5. Provide extra value and service:

When entering the market, you will live and die by the service you offer. It is essential you provide something that they won't get anywhere else. The extra value should come through email marketing updates, offers of free appraisals, monthly seminars that they can attend for free, educational pieces on buying and selling homes, and suburb information updates. 

This is what your competitors most likely aren't doing, and allows you a leg up on them. Remember, you need to work extra hard when trying to establish your brand, and providing these small added elements of value will go a long way to having people fall in love with your brand, but also refer others to it. 

About the Author:

Todd Schulberg

Todd Schulberg handles all things marketing for - Living and breathing property, Todd has a keen interest in the movements in the market and how agents can utilise new tools and technology in order to be more connected. Using all things social, Todd suggests different ways that agents can engage and think outside the square with their marketing approach.

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