4 reasons your marketing strategies aren't working.

Marketing. Let's do it, is the saying most people conclude. But then what? A lot of agents follow 'industry standards', print mail outs, open a Facebook page, and let it sit there whilst it does nothing actively for their brand. They then complain about the ROI in marketing and how it doesn't really drive strong engagement and help build new relationships with prospects. So here are five tips on how to fix your marketing activities and help it start it converting back to $$- the main reason we all market.

1. You aren't defining your target market: Strip it back, and think for a second. Are your buyers in the locations you are advertising or not? A big mistake people make is just thinking that they need to target buyers in the area, and not look outside it, are the people you want to buy your listing living there? There is a high chance it's a no. If your market is a growth area, look at affluent suburbs where investors will be happy to invest their money... a lot of people aren't buyer/tenants they are investors that let properties sit passively earning capital growth. Find out where your idea buyer lives and target there. 

2. You're using "I", you should replace it with "You": Stop marketing and telling everyone how good you are, and focus on the buyer. A lot of agents are to centric on themselves and forget about the buyer, statements such as 'I am the best local agent' is great and all but they want to know it will help them. Statements such as 'Your ideal investment is 22 Smith street, and here is why." Make it all about the buyer, and appeal to their emotions. Ask them, "Do you want to invest and a skyrocketing neighbourhood?" and tell me how many say no. 

3. Your service offering is confusing: Many agents write too much stuff, and make it too confusing. Spend hours on perfecting what it is you are offering clients. Statements such as "Ascot Vale is booming and we want to help you, make money from Ascot Vale" is highly personal, and appeals to their emotive side. It discusses an area they know and puts it in terms of how you will benefit them. Keep your service offering in the mind of the consumers and always explain what you are offering to help them.  

4. You are offering the same "advantage" as other agents: Too many agents offer 'free appraisals' or a 'market update' as the service offering to get themselves in the door, and most don't vary it. You need to vary your service offering. Think about what your clients really want, and make it happen. Letterbox dropping every home 10km out of a school zone you serve is a great idea, start looking at different markets and explain to people outside the areas you service why they want to get in. 

Do any of these sound applicable to you? If so, start applying some of these strategies to amend your set up, and see how it brings you in further leads! 

About the Author:

Todd Schulberg

Todd Schulberg handles all things marketing for Homely.com.au - Living and breathing property, Todd has a keen interest in the movements in the market and how agents can utilise new tools and technology in order to be more connected. Using all things social, Todd suggests different ways that agents can engage and think outside the square with their marketing approach.

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