Lead generation tips you never thought of implementing.

Lead generation is the number one objective for a real estate agent. You might say that it is to sell homes and make commission, but the reality is that you can't sell homes without having a strong pipeline of potential buyers ready to go. So what is the easiest way to increase your potential buyers and win listings in the simplest possible way? We explore the options.


How to win more listings:

To win more listings means you have more stock to sell, and in a hot real estate market, it is incredibly valuable to have the property's for sale. But how can you win more listings? By thinking outside of the box the following way:

  • Commission incentivise referees: Ask people "Do you know someone looking to sell a home? Refer them to me and if they let us manage their campaign, we will treat you to a weekend away!" For people who know people looking for an agent, it is an easy referral, and the acquisition cost of the listing may only cost you a few hundred dollars. With clearance rates north of 80%, and a commission potentially worth tens of thousands it's a no brainer. 
  • Letter box drops with an online enquiry form: A lot of people letterbox drop, but their call to action is to ask the prospect to call the agent. People are time poor and some are reluctant to reach out. Why not build a form on a very basic URL, which works as a lead submission form that goes straight to your inbox. The form can ask, 'Which service would you like me to help with' and provides an easy call for you to implement as a follow up.
  • Bringing past vendors to initial pitch meetings: What is a better way to win a listing than to bring social proof. In you first pitch, it can help to have someone come along who you sold a similar property for. They can discuss how the process went and how they are happy with the results. A prospective vendor seeing someone come and advertise your services is the best possible social proof. Discuss with your past vendor how this will help you, and if you've done a good job for them they should be more than happy to.

How to win more buyers:

It's all good an well having listings, but then you need buyers. How can you find buyers in creative, yet effective ways? Here are the answers:

  • Working with a market research company: Before you can win more buyers, you need to do some market research, and find the emotive points that drive people to act. Ask a market research company to find out the likes, lifestyle choices and appealing calls to action for people in your buying demographic, then team up with affiliates that captivate those target audiences, and start marketing. Is your buyer in their early 20's and most likely a footy lover? Team up with neighbouring gyms and footy clubs and have them market towards your potential buyers, referring you as the go to agent. 
  • Being omnipresent in every element of their life: Think about where your buyers spend their time and incorporate your way in to it. Is there a local restaurant that is incredibly popular? Provide the restaurant with free placemats for drinks that have your branding and demonstrating you as the local expert. This shows people you are connected to the local market, and businesses will have no issue incorporating it as it decreases their costs. This is cheap and effective advertising. 
  • Engaging on their social accounts: When people are looking to buy a property, the first thing they usually do is talk about it on social media. They can tweet out a link, discuss on Facebook, share a post on Instagram about a home they think is their dream home. Provide commentary on this, why that home is worth prospectively buying, the pros, the cons, etc. Use this social status as an avenue to open a dialogue regarding more information.
Tweets like this provide a perfect opportunity to discuss their current rental position and if they are looking to potentially buy. 

Tweets like this provide a perfect opportunity to discuss their current rental position and if they are looking to potentially buy. 

Ultimately these tools are great ways you can increase your exposure and find potential buyers for your homes. Analysing the content out there and what they are saying is a great platform to start a discussion. You should be engaging on every tweet that comes from an individual in regards to a specific listing, finding out if it's their home, if they want to buy it and where they sit in the market. You should also have search results set up on social channels so you get alerts whenever there is a discussion with people who talk about homes in your areas.

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