You are 25 hours away from success. But you won't get there.

Recently we read an interesting insight piece about prolific agent James Tostevin, and something very obvious came out about what he does different to 95% of other agents. Tostevin attributes his success to three full days of prospecting every month. Essentially every ten days, Tostevin locks himself away and does a full 8 hours of prospecting, here are some tips to get your 25 hours of calls done a month.

1. Call around occasions:

Making calls around occasions is one thing Tostevin attributes his success to. A very thorough calendar is essential. You need to mark dates in your calendar so you have the reasons to call already mapped out. Where you can differentiate yourself is following up on when you said you would. Making comments to prospects or leads and then following up will set you apart. Using strategies such as telling prospects you will follow up in four weeks to see where they are at with their property search, and then doing so, shows you care and are there to help. Most agents neglect this.

Tostevin also talks about making seasonal calls. Calling people when they have occasions in their life or there are holidays coming up makes making calls easier. Make calls around holidays and events in their life, where they will appreciate the call, and you will stand out.

2. Ensure the one year call is locked down from day one:

Tostevin is a big fan of the one year anniversary call, it could be the call to a prospect who just sold a property, or who bought one, but making a note in your diary to follow up in a year is essential. This allows enough breathing space to let them carry on with their life, but lets you get back in their mindset for their next property transaction. Whilst the buyer may not be ready to move 12 months after buying, they could be looking for an investment property, or their circumstances could have changed. Keep these update calls annually, and potentially every 6 months. You can use these calls to offer invitations to market updates, to ensure you aren't sounding stale. 

3. Pick a personal element to every client and get involved at that time:

Tostevin makes a very compelling argument that 'It is easier to retain a current client, rather than win a new one' - stop trying to prospect all of these new clients and win new business, when big spenders and repeat buyers have already purchased and like your services. A lot of agents make the mistake of going back to new prospects or trying to find buyers. The problem with this is you haven't analysed their likelihood of buying. Therefore you can invest a lot of time in people that won't end up buying. Whilst you do need a new stream of buyers, work on the ones you have, because they will refer other 'good leads' that are like them and buy through you again if you service them well.

4. Don't think it isn't important:

Now this is compelling, coming from one of the best agents in Australia. "No-one is above calling" and it could not be more true. Every agent needs to build rapport with their client, and no agent can be too busy to invest time with their clients. If you want to be a good agent, you need to invest time in calling and maintaining contact. Agents are in the business of servicing clients and dealing with people, if you aren't dealing with people, you are not servicing people, and if you are not servicing people you are easily replaced by any other agent in the area.

Make sure you invest time in making calls. And ensure you have a variety of calling strategies and techniques in order to get in front. Don't try repeating the same script over and over again. On your CRM you should make just one note and two if possible of something that makes that client unique. Do they have a dog? How many kids do they have?

Make a note of the things that make them unique, there is nothing more endearing when someone, who has no obligation to call you or service you, follows up and checks in on the personal things in a clients life. Make a note of these things, and if someone is going through a tough time, put in a little bit more compassion. It can be as simple as sending a bunch of flowers to a client or just reassuring you are there to help, which can separate you from every other client. The client will buy you and your service, not just someone who services their real estate. 

About the Author:

Todd Schulberg

Todd Schulberg handles all things marketing for - Living and breathing property, Todd has a keen interest in the movements in the market and how agents can utilise new tools and technology in order to be more connected. Using all things social, Todd suggests different ways that agents can engage and think outside the square with their marketing approach.

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