21 social media post ideas for real estate agents

Social media platforms are an asset to your business because they offer a great way to engage with past, present and potential clients, and build up your business network. However, striking the right balance between providing engaging content and promoting your business can be tricky.

We've come up with 21 post ideas to try if you feel as though you've fallen into a rut with your social media updates.

1. Share articles and information about your local community.

2. Provide your 5 top tips for: buying a home, attending an open for inspection or finding the right agent. 

3. Describe the creative ways you go about marketing a home. 

4. Post information about fun upcoming events happening in your area.

5. Review great holiday and weekend getaway spots within one to two hours drive of your area.

6. Upload photos of you and your team in action over the weekend. 

7. Profile or mention a cafe, shop or restaurant you love that is within walking distance from one of your listings. 

8. Post a #TBT (Throwback Thursday) of your 'firsts' in real estate. Such as your first sale, first open house, first auction etc.

9. Personalise your business by briefly profiling a team member and add a face to the name. Talk about what they love about their job and where they live.

10. A fun #TBT could involve looking back at your business's history and your team members careers in real estate. 

11. For an interesting #TBT draw upon a historic event or occasion in your communities history.

12. Review a favourite or new app you're using. 

13. Provide inspiration by covering popular trends in interior design your clients are loving with images to illustrate. 

14. Weekly updates on: DIY home improvement and home maintenance tips.

15. Provide relevant and interesting content at the same time as putting in a cheeky plug for your weekly newsletter, magazine or blog post. 

16. Post a new listing of the week showcasing its best and most interesting features.

17. Share stand out client testimonials, thank you gifts and video interviews. 

18. Put up an open for inspection program, map or guide for the coming weekend. 

19. Let your network know about fundraisers or events you're hosting or participating in, as well as local clubs and teams you sponsor. 

20. Run competitions for tenants of the month, rewarding particularly good and reliable tenants with gift vouchers or gift packs. 

21. The money shot of a satisfied customer. It's always a winner! 

Hopefully these ideas will help you strike a good balance between the right amount of engaging versus promotional content to post on your professional social networks.

Are there any types of posts you've found to be successful and popular in the past? Please let us know in the comments below. 


Happy selling!

From the Homely Team


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