Listing descriptions: What to avoid

The words you use in your listing descriptions can sometimes unintentionally convey the wrong message and put off potential clients from making an enquiry.

Keep in mind that the purpose of a listing description is to convey in a compelling way what your listing photos cannot. You want to build a mental picture in readers’ minds and explain how a house makes its occupants feel to generate interest and attract enquiries.

An example of an excellent listing description at  14A Eastbourne Road, Darling Point, NSW .

An example of an excellent listing description at 14A Eastbourne Road, Darling Point, NSW.

Remember the three essentials for an effective listing description include:

  • A vivid and attention grabbing headline,
  • a thorough yet concise description (i.e. price, property specs and amenities, info about the location, availably and inspection times) and
  • a call to action urging clients to contact you for more information.

Using the right words in these three areas to effectively portray a property's personality is crucial to maximise enquiries from your property ads. Here are some buzzwords and phrases to try whenever possible to avoid in your listing descriptions.

buzzwords table

Coming up with creative descriptors and avoiding the trap of using the same old tired lines in your listings will be so helpful for your clients and bring you great rewards in the long run. When you visit a listing see what words pop into your head as you survey the property.

In your description you want to be succinct and get to the point quickly. For example, ‘Enjoy an ocean view from the comfort of your couch!’ or ‘Soak up the sun on the window seat by the breakfast nook’ are short and enticing ways to engage buyers.

Remember that even though great descriptive words are vital to an effective listing description, you really don’t want to over do it. Too much hyperbole and you run the risk of sounding disingenuous.

Happy selling!

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