5 takeaways from AREC 2016

Homely.com.au was proud to be an exhibitor at the recent AREC 2016 event, held on the sunny Gold Coast. The first-class, two-day conference boasted nearly 30 speakers, 70 exhibitors, and thousands of real estate professionals.

The Homely Team was on hand introducing people to our Premier Agent product - the #1 agent showcase in Australia.

Team Homely lookin' good at AREC2016! (L to R:  Rob Trovato  - NSW Sales Manager,  Laura Sabatino  - Data Integrity Manager,  Rory Cook -  Business Development Manager) 

Team Homely lookin' good at AREC2016!
(L to R: Rob Trovato - NSW Sales Manager, Laura Sabatino - Data Integrity Manager, Rory Cook - Business Development Manager) 

AREC 2016 was full of the best and brightest real estate professionals in the industry. For those of you who weren't fortunate enough to attend AREC this year, I'd like to share with you five key concepts I took away from the speakers who presented.

1) Build and nurture a database.

Ivan Bresic of BresicWhitney said 'the size of your database determines the size of your income'. Every successful agent has built up a comprehensive database of all their customers over the years. This database is not only your list of buyers and vendors, but also a great relationship management tool. Use it to follow up with former clients and increase your referral business. To quote Tom Hector of Harris Real Estate, 'It’s not the listings today that matter. It’s the listings tomorrow'. 

2) Maintain a work/life balance.

D’Leanne Lewis of Laing & Simmons Double Bay said she meditates every morning for 15-30 minutes as 'the mind heals the body'. Whether you meditate, give self-affirmations, go for a walk, or exercise regularly, it’s important to take time out for yourself in order to recharge and stay at the top of your game. Phil Harris of Harris Real Estate's put it best - 'Take time in the morning to prepare for each day so you’re centered'.

3) Be customer-focused.

Another nugget of wisdom from Phil Harris was 'It’s not what you say, it’s your intention behind it'. Customer service is a key to success, and every speaker stressed the importance of being genuine in your dealings with clients. Ask yourself, 'what is my client looking for in a property and how can I best help them?'. Focus on the client-agent relationship instead of the money behind a listing. Once you’ve built that trust with clients, the money will follow.

4) Be genuine and be yourself.

Everyone has different strengths and it’s important to incorporate these into your selling techniques and brand identity. Don’t copy the personality of Agent XYZ; you are your own person with your own identity, so show your clients who you really are and they’ll respond. As Sam Guo and Julia Kuo of Ray White Broadbeach said 'believe in yourself and be real'.

5) Build simple, repeatable processes.

Identify the activities that add the most value to your business and build simple repeatable processes that you can scale around them. Zali Reynolds of Marshall White spoke of her 'farming system' that she uses to consistently keep track of her marketplace, which includes monitoring home turnover and identifying suburbs with good growth potential.

Focus on high value activities first and foremost. For an agent, these activities can include building processes around marketing, customer relationship building, and prospecting new inquiries. Take the time to think through how you can build processes around your high value activities. Just remember to keep these processes as simple as possible. You want them to be easy enough to follow and scale upwards if you add another 1, 10 or 100 staff.

Regardless of whatever stage you may be at in your career, coming back to these 5 simple concepts can be of great value to you and your business. 

We'd like to thank everyone who came by the Homely booth to show their support, give their words of encouragement, and signed up for Premier Agent.


Happy selling!

From the Homely Team


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