Premier Agent Masterclass, Chapter 2: Growing your followers

Angela Agent has completed Chapter 1 of the Premier Agent Masterclass. Now, we're going to learn about how she grew her followers and became seen as a local expert by adding multiple service suburbs, answering existing suburb questions, and asking her own new questions.

Step 1: Add multiple service suburbs.

To ensure she appears at the top of the search results on the ‘Agent Finder’ page, Angela updated her service suburbs to include Balgowlah, Clontarf, Curl Curl, Freshwater, Manly, North Balgowlah and Queenscliff. Now, clients looking to buy and sell property in any of these suburbs can easily see Angela’s current listings, performance stats, customer reviews, and most importantly get in touch.

You can add up to 10 additional service suburbs to your Agent Showcase. Contact us at with the suburbs you service and we’ll add them in.


Step 2: Answer and follow existing suburb questions.

Angela frequently answers and follows questions about not only Seaforth, but also all the surrounding suburbs of the Northern Beaches she services.

All of Angela’s answers are recorded in the ‘Questions’ section and ‘Activity’ log of her Agent Showcase. This shows Angela’s current and potential clients that she’s an expert source of local knowledge about the different suburbs in the Northern Beaches.

As a result, people considering a move to Seaforth or the Northern Beaches will see Angela’s name appear very frequently during their research on Homely. This positions Angela as the go-to agent for questions about buying and selling real estate in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

What if someone isn’t currently looking to buy or sell property just yet? Angela knows that when circumstances change she’ll be remembered as the helpful agent who recommended a great coffee shop in Manly or suggested a quality kindergarten in Clontarf. She’ll then be top of mind when that person is ready to buy or sell and looking for an agent.

Visit the ‘Questions’ section on Homely and answer one question in every suburb you service. Also, start following any other questions you’re interested in learning the answer to.


Step 3: Ask your own new questions.

After answering other people’s questions, Angela asked some of her own about dog meet up groups and personal training classes in Seaforth. Doing this lets Angela’s followers connect with her on a more personal level. It’s also a good ice breaker for potential clients to engage in conversation with Angela before transitioning into a professional relationship down the road.

All Angela’s questions are recorded under the ‘Questions’ tab on her Agent Showcase and she receives email notifications whenever new responses are added. This makes it easy for her to keep track of all her questions and to connect with followers in real time.

Visit the ‘Questions’ section on Homely and post a new question in every suburb you service.


Happy selling!

The Homely Team


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