Premier Agent Masterclass, Chapter 4: Building a competitive showcase

After discovering how to share her success with Premier Agent in Chapter 3, Angela Agent is looking for more ways to differentiate her profile and get the edge over her competitors.

Angela recognises that taking steps to distinguish herself is key to building her own unique brand and influencing consumers to choose her over other local agents. Here are the three steps she took to establish a competitive showcase.

Step 1: Add a professional motto.

To build out her brand and let customers know more about her, Angela added in her own personal professional motto. The motto is a great way for her to connect with potential customers and convey her work ethic within one or two easy to read sentences. Angela wanted to come up with the perfect motto to demonstrate her dedication to customer service, and show potential clients what she is like to work with.

Some examples of professional mottos:

 'Understanding the psychology behind negotiating is my forte. I combine this with integrity for the best results, this job is my passion.' – Maria Cassarino

'Successful people are those with successful habits.' –Monique Holgye

'Our strong results are not random occurrences; they are based on expertise, energy and persistence.' – Jon Snead

'In order to be a trusted advisor, it’s important to define what success looks like for the client, then come up with a solution that resonates with them.' – Alex Myers

Once you have your own personal motto in mind, show it to a colleague or friend to check that it is clear, grammatically correct, concise and conveys the right message for your professional image.

To add your own motto into your showcase, go into ‘settings’ and add the motto and hit ‘update settings’.

Step 2: Show your track record.

Angela recognises that the key to driving consistent online leads is building a strong profile and exhibiting her stellar sales record. To prove her extensive market knowledge and local sales experience Angela ensures the information in her Performance Stats is kept up to date by making sure each new listing and recent sales results are added in.

Her impressive Performance Stats on current properties for sale, properties sold, the total value of properties sold and highest sold price, gives her clients a quick numeric snapshot of her success and an easy means for customers to compare her results with other local agents.

Check that your transactions in your Performance Stats are up to date, if anything is missing email to have your stats amended.

Step 3: Map your success.

Angela makes sure her Success Map is up to date because it’s a great visual tool for future and returning clients to view and compare the extent of her current and sold listings to other agents from her region.

For clients looking for a listing agent the map and list clearly display the locations and types of properties Angela specialises in selling. It also conveys the magnitude of all her sales from the past 36 months.

If your Success Map is missing any sold or leased data from the past 3 years let us know at


Happy selling!

The Homely Team


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