A star agent’s weekly routine

The star real estate agent has time management strategies and routines in place to efficiently prioritise tasks, maximise appointments and get the most from their CRM each and every day.

Do you ever feel as though you’re easily side tracked? Do you occasionally get through a day feeling like you achieved nothing? Follow these tips to reconstruct your weekly routine and get your time management and lead conversion strategy back on track.


Get your day off on the right foot by using the first 15 minutes to plan out and time block all the tasks you need to complete that day. Start by breaking up the day into hourly segments and jotting down or typing in tasks that are a high priority and what you’ll specifically focus on each hour.

Don’t forget to factor in a couple of 15-minute mental break times for a walk, coffee run, Facebook perusing, internet browsing or a game of solitaire. Use your phone’s timer to make sure you stay on schedule. If you’re into apps, try Rescue TimeFocus Booster and Remember the Milk to manage your hourly segments and to-do lists more efficiently.

Image: Rescue Time

Image: Rescue Time

Use the first one to two hours of your morning when you’re fresh and at your most alert to be proactive and follow up your hottest prospects. Aim to generate between 8 to 15 (whatever is realistic for you) new conversations within this time that will either lead to an appointment or a follow up conversation another day. During these calls, we recommend shutting off your web browser, TV, radio, email and voicemail, to keep procrastination, interruptions and distractions at bay.

The rest of the day-

Once you meet your new conversations quota, follow through on the calls you made that morning (send off emails of contracts and section 32s, text message appointment confirmations, make notes, follow up tasks and re-qualify leads in your CRM, add warm and cold leads to your drip campaign EDM list etc.), check and respond to emails, online enquiries and voicemails, and prepare for imminent appointments.

Have 30 minutes set aside at the end of the day for your professional social networking. Schedule your posts for the following day, check your messages, ad performance and notifications. It’s important to strictly limit your use of social networking by having a content plan otherwise it can easily chew up hours of valuable time you could use more productively elsewhere.

Wednesday nights-

Set aside an hour or two on Wednesday evenings to make outbound calls. Wednesday nights are a good time to check in with clients as you’ll be less likely to go to voicemail and they’ll be more open to having a conversation than they would be during business hours, on a Friday night or a weekend.

Your goal here is to re-engage and re-qualify your warm and cold leads, build upon your rapport with them and arrange follow up steps if necessary. This will lead to booking in more appointments, shore up future business and improve your conversion rate long term.


Your weekends should be dedicated to prospecting, relationship building and in-person meetings. During your weekly morning and Wednesday evening calls aim to set up between 4 and 6 meetings with your hot and warm prospects for the upcoming weekend. Arrange in person consultations and valuations with sellers, schedule inspections with buyers and collect and qualify new leads at open for inspections.

On a Saturday or Sunday evening it pays to get into the habit of adding new client details, detailed notes from your appointments and prioritised follow up tasks into your client relationship management system (CRM) while the information is still fresh in your mind. That way you’ll be ready to hit the phones first thing Monday morning to follow up your hottest leads.

We realise an agent's time is highly variable and you'll inevitably have to respond to unexpected tasks and requests that naturally crop up throughout the day, so this planner isn’t set it stone. But, through trial and error you'll quickly realise what strategies work best for you and find your time management groove. Once you do it's important to stick with it and chip away at your prospects and goals one day at a time.

For more ideas for efficiently and effectively manage your time check out these eight productivity boosting apps.


Happy selling!

From the Homely Team.


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