Listing description tips: 12 features home buyers covet

Having already covered the words and phrases to avoid in listing descriptions, we thought it’d be equally valuable to discuss the features and keywords buyers are most interested in.

We know high-quality listing photos and videos catch a buyer’s eye initially, but it’s the listing description that reels them in, gives them greater insights into what living in the house is really like and entices them to attend the inspection.

A lot of agents rely on generic adjectives such as 'charming', 'spotless', 'unique' and 'luxurious' when describing a property, but studies show that objective ‘quality’ focused words achieve better sale outcomes.

Analysis of over 2 million US home sales by Zillow Digs shows feature specific listing keywords can help sell houses faster and for more money.

Zillow Chief Economist Dr Svenja Gudell says, ‘When it comes to real estate listing descriptions- words matter’.

‘Your listing description is an opportunity to highlight specific details and finishes that might not be visible in photos’, Gudell reminds agents.

If your listing has one or several of the following features you’re in luck. Be sure to draw potential buyer’s attention to them explicitly in your property description to optimise your property ad.

Here are 12 of the top performing keywords buyers will pay a premium for that are worth showcasing in listing descriptions to achieve speedy, top-price sales.

Barn doors

Rustic home features were a big winner in Zillow's study. Surprisingly homes with barn doors sold for 13.4% more than expected and 57 days faster than homes without this feature.

103 Sydney Street, Willoughby, NSW

103 Sydney Street, Willoughby, NSW

Shaker cabinets

A timeless and simple kitchen cabinet style, homes with shaker cabinets sold for 9.6% more than expected and 45 days faster than homes without this feature.

Farmhouse sink

Homes with trendy and highly functional oversized farmhouse sinks sold for 8% more than expected and 58 days faster than homes without this feature.

Subway tile

A hugely versatile, classic and on-trend tile choice, homes mentioning subway tiles sold for 6.9% more than expected and 63 days faster than homes without this feature.

Exposed brick

The rough texture of exposed brick is a clear winner with homebuyers seeking character and warmth within their home’s interior. Homes with this feature sold for 4.9% more than expected and 36 days faster than homes without it.

Frameless shower

Buyers are drawn to the sleek look and ease of cleaning these types of showers provide. Homes with a frameless shower sold for 4.6% more than expected and 38 days faster than homes without this feature.

Pendant lighting

A great way to show personality and style, homes mentioning pendant lights sold for 4.6% more than expected and 48 days faster than homes without this feature.

Stainless steel

References to stainless steel suggest to buyers the home features updated and easy to clean big-ticket appliances. Homes that highlighted stainless steel sold for 4.2% more than expected and 42 days faster than homes without this feature.


Homes that referred to a backsplash sold for 4.1% more than expected and 46 days faster than homes without this feature. So, whether it’s tiled, glass or mirror, be sure to describe the backsplash adorning your listing’s kitchen.

Heated floors

This is an especially important cosy feature to emphasise if your listing is in a colder part of Australia and during winter campaigns. Homes with heated floors sold for 4.3% more than expected and 28 days faster than homes without this feature.

Tankless water heater

A great example of a feature not typically photographed for real estate advertising but is greatly appealing to buyers. Homes with tankless water heaters sold for 4% more than expected and 43 days faster than homes without this feature.

Outdoor kitchen

A hugely popular feature for Australian homeowners, outdoor kitchens are a big drawcard for people that frequently entertain outdoors. Homes with outdoor kitchens sold for 3.7% more than expected and 19 days faster than homes without this feature.

We hope these keywords helped clarify what specific features are worth mentioning to engage potential buyers and optimise sale prices and time spent on the market.

Happy selling!

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