4 tips to get more leads from your website

The appearance, content and features of your website will have a direct impact on the amount of leads you get out of it.

You should think of your website as a digital office that’s always open and working for you 24/7 to represent your success and grow your business.

Here are our top tips towards turning your website into one of your best lead generation tools.

Frequent updates

A lot of agents make the mistake of viewing their website as a marketing tool you can just set and forget. But one of the best ways to draw more traffic and new clients to your website is by frequently updating it with new and relevant content for your target audience.

One of the simplest ways of doing this is by starting up a blog. Whether this involves reviewing your favourite local brunch spots or doing an in-depth analysis of local house prices, constantly putting up fresh content about your service areas will go a long way to ensuring your website pops up nearer the top of search engine results.

A well written and considered blog is also a great opportunity to illustrate your areas of expertise, passion and knowledge of your local market. Think about what kinds of information your target buyers might benefit from i.e. community events, your top 5 streets for families or upcoming planned development for the area. Cater to sellers by publishing a monthly or bi-monthly recently sold report or a step-by-step guide to preparing your home for sale.

Make your listings the star

Typically, buyers and sellers visiting your website are in search of listings. So, you should make it especially easy for them to gain access to them, get the info they need and leave an enquiry for when they’re ready to move forward.

Feature listings front and centre on your homepage in a rotating gallery with the address, hero image, price guide and general home specs prominent. Better yet, have different galleries for brand new listings, recently sold and the latest upcoming open for inspections and auctions, so users can find what they need at a glance.

Image: Ray White City Precinct Brisbane Homepage

Image: Ray White City Precinct Brisbane Homepage

You should also have an easy to use search feature for clients looking for a specific listing. Once they do go through to your listing page be sure to include well-written and detailed listing descriptions, high quality images and video tours to showcase the professionalism you provide sellers when advertising their home. Don’t forget the all-important enquiry or request appraisal form or button so motivated seller and buyer leads can easily get in touch.

Keep them coming back

In marketing, it is often a case of persistence pays off. Explore options to remarket your business, such as Adwerx, to target people who have previously visited your site by advertising yourself or your listings on other popular websites they subsequently use. Remarketing is a great way to reinforce your brand and become known by locals and people thinking about moving to or selling in your neighbourhood as the go-to agent.

Also offer special insights to people that register to create an account on your website. Give them incentives to sign up such as opting in to receive your newsletter, to get customised property alerts and local market reports exclusively for VIPs. From their alerts, search habits and saved listings you’ll have loads of valuable information to use to convert these people into clients. They’ll be especially impressed when you follow up with personalised and relevant communications based on their search criteria and pages viewed on your site.

Image: LJ Hooker Tully

Image: LJ Hooker Tully

Sell yourself

Today’s consumers put a lot of faith in online reviews and ratings before trying any new product or service, and selecting a real estate agent to work with is no exception. So, it’s very important to provide potential clients with evidence of your special skills and exactly what you can do for them in the form of client testimonials and reviews on your website.

Use the client testimonial section of your site to show potential clients exactly why you’re the best fit for their real estate needs. Seller testimonials are particularly important to show future clients why and how your client-focused service is different from the next agent.

To up the lead generating potential of your website you need to embrace new technology and have user centred design and needs in mind. A great example would be Homely Ads, a disruptive new advertising platform for Australian real estate agents.

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Happy selling!

The Homely Team

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