Moving house survival guide - Download the handout

Now that the tricky part is over (selling a home) the real challenge begins for your clients; packing everything up and moving house. 

Regardless of whether your client has 30 days to get everything in order or a cushy 90 day settlement, they will appreciate a moving house survival guide to help make their move as seamless a transition as possible. 

We’ve prepared the following guide for you to share with clients to ensure they keep stress at bay and don’t miss any key steps while planning for the big move (download a copy or get the pdf).

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Book movers in advance

Organise several quotes with different moving companies. Make a booking at least a month in advance and always check reviews first.

Clear out

Get rid of clothes, appliances, crockery, books and home furnishings you no longer use or need. Hold a garage sale, sell items online, book hard rubbish collection or donate to charity to offload excess possessions.

Hire cleaners

Take the hassle out of moving day and hire a professional cleaner to give your new and old home a good scrub.

Stock up

Get all the essentials you need for packing and moving your belongings safely. Think bubble wrap, boxes, tape, markers and packing blankets.

Packing tips

Consider colour coding your moving box labels so movers know exactly what goes where and which fragile boxes need to be handled with extra care. 

Disconnect & connect services

Notify all your utility providers of the dates you’ll be moving out to have services disconnected from your old home and connected at your new place. Don’t forget to connect electricity, internet, gas and water, and to redirect mail.

Update your details

Inform authorities and various institutions about your change of address, including:

  • AEC

  • ATO

  • Medicare

  • Centrelink

  • Car rego & licence departments

  • Pet registration

  • Insurance providers

  • GP

  • Dentist

  • Optometrist

  • Vet

  • Bank

  • Mortgage provider

  • Super fund

  • Employers

  • Memberships & loyalty programs

  • Schools

  • Friends & family

The right cover

Arrange appropriate home and contents insurance to cover your belongings during and after the move. Tip: Take photos of items before moving as a record of their condition.

Prepare a first night box

Pack everything you’ll need to be comfortable in your new home in a first night box. A change of clothes, bed linen, towels, toiletries, sleepwear, medications, some cookware and crockery are all must-haves. Maybe even add a bottle of bubbly to toast your successful move.

Download a copy of our Moving House Survival Guide (pdf version) to pass along to your clients. You can add your contact details and branding to the flyer if you wish.

Happy selling!

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