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4 great goal setting apps for agents


4 great goal setting apps for agents

Do you ever find that you enter a fresh year at work full of hope, motivation and excitement, only to realise you didn’t achieve what you set out to the previous year?

If this sounds all too familiar we’ve found some of the best goal setting and tracking apps to enlist the support of when setting your professional goals and resolutions for 2017.

Smartphone apps are often the best way to set and track career related goals because you have access to them on the go and you can constantly review and adjust them as required.

These handy apps will help make sure your goals have the best chance of being managed, followed through on and accomplished come 2018.

Google Calendar

The good thing about this tool is that you’re probably already familiar with how to use it from using Gmail's calendar and the smartphone app. Google Calendar’s new goals feature is a great way to manage both professional and personal resolutions.

It allows you to set different types of goals you may want to accomplish including exercise, new skills, friends and family time, me time and organisation. Best of all, you can plan and dedicate time every week, day or month to achieve your short and long term goals. When you set a goal, you select how often you need to work on it, for how long and when, and get smart notifications (before and after your session) to help you prepare and track your progress.


If you struggle to achieve your broader goals because of procrastination or you often don't know where to start, GoalsOnTrack could be the right app for you. This robust app helps you break down larger goals into smaller easily-achievable sub-goals using SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) goal-setting criteria.

To keep your goals on course and organised you can add in different categories, create action plans, schedule deadlines, make notes in the built-in goal journal and even add motivational images. You can track your progress in real time which is great for staying motivated whenever you complete a sub-goal on the road towards your long-term goals.


If you're looking for something a bit out of the ordinary and fun, this app 'gamifies' building new habits, goal setting and the achievement process. It's more geared towards the day-to-day and weekly tasks you need to do to work towards larger goals.

You start by adding an action or habit you need to track and assigning it a point value out of 100. Once you've entered all the actions you want to track for the next week the game begins. You have zero points at the start of the week and then work through your actions to gain points every day. If you complete each action at the scheduled time you would get a perfect score of 100 points at the end of the week.

If you want a bit of friendly competition, encouragement or accountability, you can invite family, friends or colleagues to any action you create. There are three versions of the app- personal, team and enterprise- so why not get your whole office on board!


If you really have a lot of trouble sticking to your goals, why not introduce an extra financial incentive to push yourself across the line this year? Enter stickK. The app was developed by Yale University behavioural economists and is based on motivating people to achieve a goal or it will cost them real money. Stickk says 'you're up to 3X more likely to achieve a goal if you put money on the line'.

The app uses a 'commitment contract' to bind you to your goal. You choose your goal, when you need to achieve it by, how much money is on the line and where you want the money to go should you fail (e.g. to a friend, charity or family member). For accountability, you can choose a referee to monitor your progress or you can go it alone. So bet on yourself this year and use stickK to up your motivation and accomplish your most critical goals.

We hope these apps allow you to become more productive, fulfil your goals and grow your business this year and beyond. For advice on setting attainable goals check out our tips for setting SMART professional goals.

Happy selling!

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Setting SMART professional goals for 2016


Setting SMART professional goals for 2016

There’s no better time to take stock of your professional performance and company’s progress over the past 12 months, than by setting goals for 2016 at the start of your working year.

Setting meaningful goals for your career is very important. Without them you have no accomplishments to strive for, no way of evaluating your performance down the track and no clear priorities or direction for the year ahead.

Making professional goals will help give your everyday tasks as well as both short and long term goals more meaning, drive motivation and clarify your purpose as an agent.

Remember to be SMART when setting goals

One proven goal setting method is S.M.A.R.T. Here's an outline of the steps you need to check off to set yourself up for success in 2016:

smart goals

Specific- It’s all well and good to say ‘I will get more business in 2016’, but it isn’t a very specific statement or easily achievable goal. Many agents often make the mistake of setting too vague and very broad goals that are impossible to achieve and measure. Make sure you write down your specific goals so you can easily review them. For example, if one of your goals is to ‘get more business’ what specific areas do you want to improve and see grow? Do you want more clients, more leads, more online enquiries, less passed in properties, more frequent commissions, more auctions, more referrals, more sales, more listings or more buyers? Choose the areas you want to improve upon and note them down to set separate specific goals.

Measurable- If you’re unable to measure or quantify a goal, how will you know whether or not you’ve achieved it? For instance, if you set out with the goal ‘I want to set up a good and respected agent blog in 2016’ it’s difficult to measure ‘good’ and ‘respectable’. So it’s important to clearly define the parameters of each of your goals so that you can measure your results and track your performance as you work your way towards the final goal. Better goals for an agent blog could be something like ‘I will see a 100 per cent increase in newsletter subscriptions by mid 2016’ or ‘I will have x number of unique visitors to my blog page by the end of the month’.

Attainable and Realistic- When setting professional goals, it’s important to push and stretch yourself to achieve bigger and better things. However, you need to ensure your goals are not too big and complex for someone with your resources and capabilities. If you set unattainable and unrealistic goals, you will easily lose motivation, feel defeated and fail to see your goals through. While the goal ‘I will have as many Twitter followers as Kanye West by mid 2016’ is specific and measurable, it’s not remotely attainable in the Australian real estate space. Based on the number of new Twitter followers you got last quarter you may set a more realistic goal to ‘have a 25 per cent increase in Twitter followers in the first quarter of 2016’.

Time-sensitive- One of the most important features of any goal is that it has a reasonable deadline. Having a clear timeframe mapped out provides you with focus and a sense of urgency to get moving and make it happen. A couple of good examples of time-sensitive goals could be ‘I will contact x amount of people per week’, ‘I will add x number of new listings to the company website each month’, ‘I will close 40 sales by July 2016’ or ‘I will write a minimum of four blog entries each month’. Setting a time-frame for a goal also allows you to set up time to review your progress and decide if you need to extend your original deadline or determine what you need to do differently to meet the goal on time.

Taking the time to set your goals and frequently evaluating your progress will help to make it easier to stay motivated and reach your desired results for 2016 and beyond. For more secrets to success in real estate take a look at four things successful agents do every morning


Happy selling!

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