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Marketing ideas to get ahead this holiday season


Marketing ideas to get ahead this holiday season

When December rolls around and the property market begins to wind down a lot of agents see it as the perfect opportunity to take time off and go an extended holiday. For this reason, December and January are great times of year for planning and prospecting to get ahead of your competition while they’re sunning themselves on a beach somewhere.

Here are nine marketing ideas to make the most of real estate’s off season and get a leg up on your competition in 2017.

1. This time of year everyone loves getting into the giving spirit and who doesn’t love a freebie? Try hosting a contest across your social media channels encouraging people to share their Christmas home decorations to enter the draw to win a Christmas hamper or something similar. This is a fun way to get to know, reward and grow your fans and followers.

2. Prepare and print a handout and/or blog posts on why summer is a great time to buy/sell a home. Share this with your email subscribers, social media fans and followers and local households. Focus on advantages like lower stock, less competition, faster transactions and sellers/buyers that are generally more motivated than other times of year.

3. Write up case studies of your best sales of 2016 to add to your website, share on social media and send to your email database. If you get into the habit of doing this every December eventually you’ll have an amazing library of all your years of hard work and dedication to getting the best results for vendors for past, present and prospective clients to see.

4. Become a Premier Agent. In a slower-market you need to explore every marketing avenue you can to capture as many leads as possible. Premier Agent gives you 10X more exposure among motivated buyers and sellers in your market. It gives you priority positioning in Agent Finder and showcases agent controlled reviews, your neighbourhood knowledge and performance stats.

5. The good thing about the summer holidays is that many of your current and past clients will have taken time off and have the time to chat over the phone or fill out customer testimonial forms. Better yet, touch base with current and past clients and drop off festive treats, like mini Christmas puddings, cookies or candy canes for the kids. See how they’re going and whether they know of anyone interested in buying or selling in the area.

6. Put together an infographic or market wrap-up for 2016 to be used in a direct mail campaign in your service suburbs. Provide information that someone considering selling in the next year or so would want to know about their local property market. Include data on house price growth, record sales from the past year and your own personal analysis and forecasts for the year ahead.

7. Send out fridge magnet calendars with your contact details as well as postcards to locals, and past and present clients with a holiday greeting. For your extra special clients send a hand-written Christmas card to make them feel appreciated and thank them for their business.

8. Get active on’s Questions pages. Over the festive season and summer our Questions pages run hot with people looking for school holiday activities, the best beaches in their city and New Years events, just to name a few. If you know of a great Christmas lights display in your neighbourhood or a rooftop bar worth checking out be sure to market yourself as the local expert by answering locals’ questions or starting your own topics. Not only does it get your name out there, it’s also a valuable tool and way to gain insight into what the important issues are in your community right now.

9. Get in the festive spirit. Upload Christmassy videos/photos to your professional Facebook and Instagram accounts of shots or your local community. Think Christmas decorations down the main street, local Xmas light displays or even a pic with Santa at the local shopping centre. Festive snaps and fun videos are always a winner on social media and an easy way to engage with clients, colleagues and people from your service suburbs.

If you work hard at marketing your services over the festive season to maintain your pipeline of new clients, you’ll be all set for a prosperous and successful 2017.

Having said that don’t forget to take a break. Even the very best agents need time away from work to unwind and recharge. So, unplug the tech, turn off the smartphone, put away the laptop and do something just for you over the summer. You’ve earned it!

Happy selling!

From the Team

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10 ways to generate more leads this autumn


10 ways to generate more leads this autumn

It’s common knowledge that buyers and sellers are typically more active in real estate when the weather warms up, flowers are in bloom and properties present at their best, but this doesn’t mean that as the temperature cools off this autumn that your business has to as well.

Here are ten marketing ideas to try out this season to help you meet new potential clients and generate hot leads in your service suburbs.

1. When it’s too chilly to leave the house use the extra time you spend indoors to catch up on your writing commitments. Show off your real estate knowledge by writing a home buyers or sellers guide to promote on your blog or social media channels. Alternatively, you could put together an email newsletter that showcases why cooler months can be a great time to buy or sell a home, citing reasons such as less competition, faster sales, gardens look their prettiest and lower reserve prices.

2. Get in touch with local home maintenance businesses and let them know you’re happy to refer your clients to them and you’d love for them to return the favour. You could even put together a flyer drop or social media update with a home maintenance checklist. Include tasks to be completed before winter (e.g. gutter cleaning, roof repairs, leaf blowing, gas heater servicing etc.) with the contact details of reputable local home maintenance vendors. See if you can arrange a small discount or giveaway with vendors to grab the attention of readers, it never hurts to ask.

3. April 3, 2016 marks the end of daylight savings in the ACT, NSW, SA, TAS and VIC. Touch base and help out your former and current clients by sending a friendly postcard reminder to set their clocks back an hour on April 3.

4. Head to garage sales on the weekend in your local area. Garage sales indicate that the homeowner is de-cluttering and may be preparing to sell up or move somewhere new. So they may be in need of your services. At the very least, you might pick up a lead or maybe a bargain or two!

garage sale

5. For many Aussies, autumn means one thing: the footy’s back. Not only is the AFL back on, but local football leagues and soccer club seasons kick off. Give back to the community by sponsoring a hot jam donut truck or coffee cart to attend local games. Better yet, serve up the coffees and treats yourself to meet and chat with potential clients during half time. You can also have mini branded footballs made up with your company logo and contact details on them to hand out at games so people can easily get in touch.

6. Autumn is the perfect time to quickly check in with past clients and hot leads by dropping off seasonal gifts. Keep visits short, sweet and conversational, or simply leave a handwritten note. The purpose of the gift is to simply keep you top of mind and remind clients that cooler months are a great time to sell or buy. You could drop off some Easter eggs in the lead up to the Easter long weekend or a tin of ANZAC biscuits before ANZAC day.

anzac buiscuits

7. Ask past clients to write a review on your Homely Agent Profile. Having many glowing reviews gives incoming online leads reassurance of your capabilities and makes them more likely to choose you over the competition.

8. Collaborate with local store owners who may be seeing a dip in their business come autumn (I.e. ice cream stores or surf shops) to create a coupon. In exchange for a 10 per cent discount at their store offer to cover the cost of the mail out in your neighbourhood and the printing of the branded postcard coupons to bring in more business for you both.

9. Write several detailed suburb reviews to demonstrate your local area expertise and knowledge of the marketplace. You could talk about what makes the area great for families/student/young professionals/retirees, and what access to public transport, schools, parks, cafes and shops is like there. To write a review visit the Suburb Reviews page, search for your location and click the 'Write Review' button.

10. All around the country autumn marks school holidays on the calendar. A great way to enter the good graces of local families is to create a colourful map of your local area marking the best playgrounds, bike paths, swimming pools, ice rinks, parks and other places where activities of interest are on during the school holidays. Distribute the maps in a local mail drop to display your extensive local knowledge. 

When it comes to a slower real estate season you need to be poised to take extra steps to ensure you have quality leads in the pipeline. We hope these marketing ideas have helped to get your creative and more inventive lead generation juices flowing for the cooler months ahead.


Happy selling!

From the Homely Team


About Homely:

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4 ideas to attract and engage with potential clients


4 ideas to attract and engage with potential clients

Knowing how to attract and engage with new and potential clients can seem to be an overwhelming and just plain difficult task at times. The most successful agents continuously look for and try out new methods and activities to generate more leads, build up their brand, and engage with potential business.

We've come up with four new tactics to try out to not only gain new leads and more business but also to build up your brand and reputation as the go-to agent in your neighbourhood. 

Showcase your listings

After you add a new listing to your site and Homely, add images of the most impressive and appealing features to your Facebook or Pinterest boards. You could try creating and updating different kinds of albums to show off different styles, features and amenities. Such as newly renovated kitchens, spacious bedrooms or outdoor entertainment areas. Then you can share the album or board with clients that mention they are looking for that particular feature in their next home. Potential clients will love to see the interesting ways in which you'll be promoting their property and drumming up interest.

Start conversations online

A great way to scope out and engage with potential clients is to contribute to online discussions and forums about your local neighbourhood and community. Jump on Homely’s Q&A forum and start answering questions and conversing with people that are curious about your area. This allows you to further build up your reputation as a local area expert and its real estate by sharing your knowledge and advice with a new audience.

Also, consider adding your own questions to Q&A forums that you find clients frequently ask about moving to your neighbourhood and the real estate market there. This will be beneficial for your brand and business when people are researching your suburb and they frequently come across your name and useful advice in posts.

It can also be helpful to set up email alerts on Google for specific keywords about your neighbourhood, popular places in the area and surrounding suburbs. This way you can be notified when discussions about your region begin and seize the chance to contribute advice and information swiftly when the forum is running hot.

Encourage ratings and reviews

Can you think of the last time you bought a new product or used a service without first researching it online and reading customer reviews? Most smart consumers couldn’t and home buyers and sellers are no different. They will be thoroughly checking you out online before they contact you. Most people will choose their real estate agent based on the experiences and feedback of other home buyers in reviews they read on the net.

Online reviews are the new word-of-mouth advertising. So it is important that when clients look at your online presence they see evidence of satisfied customers and the good work you’re doing. If you don’t have many reviews encourage current and past clients to post reviews on your website and social media channels. Some agents even go as far as incentivising clients to write reviews with gift certificates.

When requesting reviews ask clients to include specific and detailed information about why it was so good to work with you, rather than just saying you did a great job. Potential clients want to gain a better understanding about how and why you do a great job. Also keep in mind that responding to reviews publicly is a worthwhile habit to get into. Consumers really like to see that personal touch from you and knowing that you are accessible and active online.


Neighbourhood networking

Join local organisations and clubs, such as the PTA at your child's school, Scouts or Girl Guides Australia, Rotary Club or Meals on Wheels, coach at AFL Auskick or volunteer at community events to network with people in your neighbourhood. You’ll not only meet people who might be looking to sell in your area, locals often know of other family members and friends looking to move into their area and connect them to you. Building relationships with locals is also a good chance to build up your brand and reputation as an active, engaged and informed member of your community and the go-to agent for real estate queries and enquiries.


We hope these four ways of attracting and engaging with potential clients come in handy for building up your reputation and generating new business. You can start by sharing your expert advice with our online community today by writing a suburb review or answering someone's burning question


Happy selling!

From the Homely Team


About Homely:

Homely is a new way to search for property to buy and rent in Australia. Homely incorporates beautiful design and community engagement, to create an enjoyable and simple experience that helps you find a new home quickly.

Check out our suburb reviews and Q&A pages to see what everyone is talking about.


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